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38 weeks out there?

im curious of what have you been in this stage of pregnancy? im 38 weeks pregnany but yet not feeling anything.... :( i love to see my baby right away but i know maybe he's not ready yet to come out. what are you feeling right now at 38 weeks?

sometimes i felt so scared of delivery if i can make it or not....

i know its normal but im really scared thanks in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    at 38 weeks.. I was ready for it to be over!! I was really sore... and I developed Preclampsia.. which put my blood pressure at 165/120. My doctor refused to induce me until i was at 40 weeks, so I was put on a bedrest of sorts... not told to confine myself to bed, but I was told not to do any walking (besides around my house) or any lifting/bending over of any kind.

    I was induced on my due date, and I was in labor for 10 hours. Delivery was my biggest fear.. I was scared of the pain, mostly. I ended up getting an epidural, and that helped quite a bit. It still hurt alot at the end, but it wasnt as bad as it would have been im sure. Just know that when the time comes, you will have the strength to make it happen :) We women are tough! You will do just fine.. and you will have your beautiful baby in your arms before you know it

  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone is different. For the most part my boys seemed to rest up (move inside of me less) right before full blown labor.

    About delivery... you'll do just fine. You will certainly know when labor starts. Most of it will be up to your baby and you'll have control over your breathing and pushing. It will be exhausing but once your little one arrives, you'll be elated like you've never been before!

    I wish you all the best.

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