Dance Dance Revolution. Where to buy a DDR T-shirt?

I just need to know where to buy a Dance Dance Revolution T-shirt, or any shirt for that matter. I would prefer to buy it at a store, not online, but would accept both. Please, just just give me recommendations, not comments. If you must leave a comment, let it be positive. If recommending a store, make sure that it's within the area of 95209. If an online store, make sure that's within the U.S. Thanks very much, and I welcome any answers.

((I checked ebay already by the way...))

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I love DDR. :) You're probably not going to find any shirts in stores unless it imports from Japan. However, there are a few good online sites you can try.

    CafePress has a handful of decent designs. Just search for more.

  • 1 decade ago

    try: and but honestly you will most likely NOT find it in any store! i was able to get a couple....but i used to work for game stop and we get shirts in as they were free! try japanese/anime/manga shops in your local malls they MIGHT have some, very limited...but online would be your best bet! also you could try E-Bay! they have everything!

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