By eliminating its once-popular message boards, isn't Yahoo turning its back on free speech?

Legal action aside, it would appear that Yahoo has caved in to a minority that finds the content of the former message boards offensive and/or inappropriate. By pandering to the personal agendas of these very few, Yahoo has established its position as a company that values not the ideals of America, but rather fear of legal action by the apparent vast minority.

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    The misconception of "Freedom to speak" and "freedom of speech" being synonymous, is gravely mistaken. They have totally different meanings and agendas.. The historic foundation inserted the phrase "Freedom to speak"..This seemed to be subverted by a politically correct court decision. Thus, the misinterpreted phrase gathers no moss on its jaunty subversive trouncing of the actual intent of the founding fathers..

    Freedom of speech allows the impression one can say anything they want..This was not the intent of the founders... The actual intent was, you can talk about anything but not allow the ranting of saying anything you want.. which usually indicates too many colorful, inciting distasteful and profane words.

    Distortions of intent can really make a difference in the way we speak to each other... as has been shown by this simple example. Freedom of speech allows no limits..Freedom to speak does limit what can be said. How convenient to have the courts make that little change.

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    Yahoo got sued by a lawyer because they refused to cave in to his demands to reveal the identities of people who criticized him and his client, I would not call that a compromise of free speech.

    Yahoo did not eliminate, but rather rearranged it's message boards. They can be found at

    You also need to be reminded that with free speech comes responsibility and that although Yahoo allows a great deal of latitude in that area they do not allow, messages that harass, abuse or threaten other members; have obscene or otherwise objectionable content; have spam, commercial or advertising content or links. Yahoo is a commercial venture and has the right to limit what it allows to be posted on it's web sites.

    You should be thankful that there are places like Yahoo where you can post your opinion to the world.

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    Yes, I think that you should be able to SAY whatever you want.

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