Is it time to end my 2 years relationship with my GF who I moved in with 6 months ago?

Since we met she had a problem of going out of control when she has a drink. She becomes the biggest flirt. Since we moved in 6 months ago, she has become worse. Recently she has been getting her boobs out for the lads and at a hen night for my friend’s fiancé, she was seen kissing at least 4 or 5 guys on the dance floor and snapped at anyone who objected at her behaviour. Of course, in the morning she can’t remember anything. I gave her a lifeline by saying that if both of us give up alcohol then maybe we could work through it. I work away a lot so trust is everything. Last time we went out together, she danced with every man near us because she wants to be the centre of attention. I hate it, but when I go out she gets aggressively jealous if I speak with any other woman even an old friend from school. I have withdrawn from her completely as I decide wither or not to leave. All my friends and family say I could do a whole lot better. But I have strong feelings for her and leaving will kill me. What do you think?

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    Yeah you see thats the key word ATTENTION, thats what shes craving. She probally needs to see a therapist because she cant expect you to put up with that it will eventually ruin your relationship. Shes insecure and just wants attention, because when she gets attention from other guys it makes her feel secure and wanted

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    wow! you must be the most patient person ever to put up with her behaviour! i have been married for awhile and my husband wouldn't even look sideways at another woman let alone what you have gone through. she has shown her breasts to other people! she is not showing you any respect and certainly no respect to your relationship! you may feel hurt at first for walking away but in the long run you will look back and think wow! what a learning curve! you will prob' meet the woman of your dreams and she will treat you with all the kindness and love in the world and

    R E S P E C T you and be a real L A D Y ! (sounds too me you deserve a real lady not a boob popping hussy that uses Alchol as an excuse to pop her chest out every time she smells voddie! - sorry that the Aussie raw coming out of me oops!)

    ps. sounds to me like she isn't ready for the "real deal". maybe your doing her a favour

    pps. sorry if i sounded harsh i have a bad habit of being to honest - hence why my Friends never take me clothes shopping hhaha!

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    that's style of no longer uncomplicated impediment somewhat which you're into. I even have an expertise of ways tough it somewhat is reason in some way i used to be interior the comparable subject such as you till now. It oftentimes takes place. you won't be able to dictate your coronary heart if it would not beat the organic thoughts anymore for the guy you have have been given been with for the quicker 2 years. Take time to assume and sense till now you bypass on making any determination . assume of the advantageous issues that ever happened on your relationship and replicate whether that's somewhat worth retaining or in case you're vulnerable to enable bypass of it and be able for the achievable outcomes. have faith and are available to a determination nicely if giving up the relationship is what you somewhat choose for and want till now than regrets adjust to. you surely understand that we usually know how substantial the character is while the character is long long previous. Are you prepared to enable free of the relationship? sense a pair of circumstances . do no longer rush on making selections . on the different hand, additionally that's healthful to be uncomplicated however than hurting the guy or woman in silence. Pray and pray so which you're turning out to be steerage . God Bless. Katie L.

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    I know you may love her nut you have to love yourself first. How do you feel when she is drunk and behaving suggestively? She obviously needs some sort of therapy or rehab. Be supportive yet remember than this is not your problem. Some distance may help her to realise that her behaviour is unacceptable. Maybe you to should fake getting drunk yourself, mimicking her behaviour and then ´forget´ about it in the morning. Give her a taste of her own medicine. And since she likes attentions so much, deny her of it...she will be yours forever. Someone like her can easily be tamed by denying her of all the things she longs for the most, and she will kill herself trying to figure out why. Bad girls like bad boys.

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    I am sure 90% people who answer your questionwould be wondering why haven't you left her already. i can understand why you are reluctant to leave her coz i myself have gone through that phase. I was going around with a complete looser. Every one right from my family and friends had discouraged me from continuing this relationship but i kept giving excuses for him being a faliur in life.

    only recently i could think clearly that if i got married to this guy so many people (more so people whom i love) would get hurt. that gave me courage to walk out on him. its painful yes. even now i keep wondering if he is alright or not but now i realise that its the same sort of feeling you get when you see a small pupy on the road and you just drive past it. you get the guilt because you are the one who walked out.

    well, coming to your problem, the decision is yours. that girl would definitely be a great embaressment both for yu and your family. you want to wait till the situation gets completely out of hand, then you are free to do so. I can asure you of one thing. this relationship hasn't got future.

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    If you leaving her would kill her she would quite drinking wouldn't she..but she hasn't......she hasn't because she doesn't feel the same.....she cares less for you babe....thats why she feels free to kiss and dance with other guys and flash her breasts.........does that sound like a woman in love to you? I didn't think so...end it, its already over and for crying out loud, you can't trust her when she is with you ........ what the hell makes you think you can trust her when you are away?

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    Give her an ultimatum ...either she quits drinking to where she gets out of control or you break it off. If she chooses the drinking befire the wasn't meant to be. Sometimes it is a good thing these things show up prior to getting married. Good Luck

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    No questions asked man you will end up supporting some other blokes kids and having a battle of a life.

    You must love her if you haven't already given her the flick but her behaviour will not change.

    Go while you can mate!

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    I think that you should talk to her and tell her how you feel about her drinking and if she isnt willing to give it up to be wit you then you should give up on her...... If she hella cared bout u she would chose you.....over partying!! Also maybe she likes you alot and **** but then she likes to go and have a good a way it seems like she isnt ready to settle the way you talk about her dancing with hella guys........if worse comes to worse maybe you should break up with her and tell her that when she knows for sure that she is willing to give up being stupid and gettin all crazy when she drinks..then you will get back wit her........that is if you do hella love her.............if you love her me........u will wait for her to go through this stage.........

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    It sounds like staying could kill you too. Move on kick her out, there is a chance it will sober her up and show her she has more to loose. Maybe suggest AA as well, she has a problem. You can go to alanon and learn how to support her.

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