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is she a friend?!!!?

there's my friend who is really famous in school ,has plenty of boys behind her,but i cant say she's popular with all the batchmaes...oneday in middle of some discussion she demanded me to wash her cup..why is she treating me as a slave???

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    Why are you giving into it? You can make decisions. You can't control her, only yourself.

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    what is the batchmaes? maybe she didn't mean to demand you, but it sounds like she's gotten a little big headed and you should definitely talk to her about that. If you can't talk to her face to face, send her a text message to solve things.

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    Spit in her cup and hand it back to her. She is a ***** and needs to be put in her place. Any guy with a brain would see she is bad news and leave her alone.

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    I would not do it if she doesn't ask politely!!!! And with the magic word! "Please".....

    Demanding someone to do something is uncalled for! Sounds like she likes to be in control.


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  • just ask her to stop treating you this way, tell her you are not a slave. I think your friendship could be saved.

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    it's either she making use of u... or maybe she need ur help at that point of time.. if u feel uneasy abt she's ordering u ard, let her know... voice it out to her... that u r her friend, not her slave...

  • tellme
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    1 decade ago

    Because you allow her to...don't let her.

    Be a leader, not a follower. People do what they can get away with!

  • 1 decade ago

    Every one liking her, has affected her memtaly, she thinks people will do any thing she wants, tell her to ****** she wont even mention it again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because you look up to her. you just described her as famous.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because she is a *****. And because you're letting her.

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