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cartilage piercing just a few questions?

i just got a cartilage piercing today and i was wondering how to take care of my new piercing. it was tender, so i just soaked my stud with antiseptic. is that enough?

i heard you were supposed to twist it a few times a day. do i have to do so starting the day after?? cuz its probably gonna be reallyyyy sore.

i just need tips on how to take good care of my piercing. i would HATE to have an infection.


for how long do i have to do the antiseptic ear twisting thing? is it just for before i can change my stud to something else?

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    1 decade ago
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    When I first got mine, it hurt like hell for a couple weeks! Lucky for you that you're not in pain. (Or are you?)

    When you got them pierced, shouldn't've the place give you a bottle of antiseptic? Most places do, or are at least supposed to. I highly recommend you to use a q-tip and dab antiseptic twice a day, after you wake up and before you go to sleep.

    Twisting it once a day is good enough. You don't want the earring to adhere to your ear! Make sure your fingers are clean if you do so.

    After a couple of weeks, I got lazy to clean it. I only cleaned it once every 3 days. So unfortunately for me, I got an infection! But then I got it repierced, hahaha.

    While rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down the skin, it is not appropriate for aftercare (although, ironically, when BME did it's first aftercare survey, people using alcohol for their aftercare reported higher success rates than anyone but those using the LITHA method). Alcohol or "products containing alcohol" should never be used to clean your piercings. It tends to dry out the skin, irritating the piercing, and drastically lengthening healing times. Stick to soap, and salt water soaks if you need a little more. If you feel that the basic aftercare is not helping, then visit your piercer before you ask your friends or your doctor for advice.

    If there are "crusties" around the entrance or exit holes of your piercing, use a warm compress to loosen them - do not pick them off dry, as this can compromise healing tissue.

    Wash your hands with soap, paying attention to the fingernails, where bacteria can be trapped. Do not touch your piercing until you have washed your hands!

    Also, the healing time is quite a while: 3 months to a year.

    Hope I helped and Merry Christmas!

    Ok I suggest you keep on twisting your earring for 1-2 months. Since cartilage piercings take between 3 months to a whole year to heal, I suggest cleaning it with antiseptic as much as you can.

    Since you're 'swimgirl', make sure you clean them really well after swimming. But otherwise, it'll be okay.

    One last thing..

    - Be careful while brushing your hair. LOL

    - Cover your ears when using hair spray or perfume.

    - Do NOT remove earrings before the specified time:

    Cartilage Piercing: Keep earrings in for 8 to 12 weeks.

    Source(s): Experience.
  • 1 decade ago

    I definatly start twisting the earring as soon as possible, just to make sure that the ring is able to move and keep it moving, also do make sure that you at least swab the area with the antiseptic to keep infection away.... I would think the longer you wait to start twisting the earring the more it will hurt and the more junk will be able to settle in place. Also try not to sleep on that side of your head, it will pretty uncomfortable for a while

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, it depends on where you got it done. It its anywhere besides your belly button or your ear, I don't know. But for your ear, just use the anti stuff they gave you and you'll be fine! I had mine done in 6th grade and now I"m 21 and I never used the anti stuff and still had NO problems. It it's your belly button, clean it! lol. I have an outy, and my belly ring came out ( without me knowing, my mom found it on the carpet, but didn't hurt AT ALL).

  • 1 decade ago

    umm is it better to get ur cartiage pierced by a gun or a needle or another way?

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