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i have any problem with yahoo mesengger connection setting?

Okay i go to sign in to Yahoo Messenger and it brings a screen up saying "there is a problem signing in. Try again later." I have been trying for about 4 days now and it won't let me sign in. So I click "new user" and it says "connection to Yahoo Server can't be completed at this time" I have also tried changing the Proxy setting. Could someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with it? Any Solutions? I have never had any problems in the past.

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    Lots of people have been having problems with their messengers. It's just yahoo messing up again. Sometimes I can't sign into mine either & when I do manage to sign in, it freezes up on me & disappears! The only thing you can do (for what good it will do) is to e-mail yahoo & tell them the problem. I've tried doing that but got no response. The only other thing you can do is download another messenger. Or wait til yahoo can get it straightened out. It's not you, it's yahoo.

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