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How can one minimize the appearance of "bubbles" in photos taken from point & shoot digicams?

I have noticed this appearance among several digicams (sony, canon, olympus). Ours is particularly irritating because the bubbles are bigger and can really ruin a shot. By the way, the bubbles only appear on pictures taken that don't have natural sunlight. However, you can't avoid taking pictures indoors or during the night. Help! How do I minimize it?

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    Try to be careful about the positioning of the subject and/or the photographer relative to lamps or ceiling lightt or other light sources (reflections) in the room. Look at your LCD after the shot and take a new one from a slightly different angle or turn of the offending light and take a new shot.

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    The "bubbles" are a function of the very short lenses on point and shooters. The only way to get rid of it is to pony up and spend large on a DSLR.

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