Can someone give me a theory or research works related to my thesis proposal?!?

Thesis Title: "The effects of the male student's to the interpersonal skills of the female students"

Our school was known to be an exclusive school (college level) for girls but it started accepting male applicants last year, and I would like to discuss the advantage and disadvantage and how it would affect the interpersonal/human/social skills of the female students.

Please give me a theory/model that would help support my thesis. Thank you.

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    I believe that the woman on campus would relate to this integration as positive as they can. However here in my country there are more female students at university then male , perhaps men could feel intimidated if a woman is taken micro biology in the same class as them. I would write about the decline of men attending collge and is it becuase they feel intimidated by their female counterparts?

  • Hopefully you know how to use Ebscho database. You should be able to look at through your school's library reference. It catalogues scholarly publishings through abstracts. It should give you a good starting base.

    A quick way to find sources is by using This part of google only shows scholarly publishings as well (instead of just regular websites). It also lists where that source was cited in other texts so you can find other refrences. However, like any citations it's going to cite older articles and research.

    If you have one piece of research also look at it's citations for the articles that they used which might be relevent to it's reserach.

    Using this past research could help on finding a relevent model.

    As far as setting up that kind of study you'd have to account for a lot of extraneous variables, and it wouldn't be a true experiement since there's really nothing to manipulate. Creating some surveys over the general population might give you some good ideas b/c it'll give you a general look at your population and their feelings. This study would also be difficult to do as a naturalistic observation b/c of how hard coding this kind of behavior might be and it a little risky to do for a thesis (b/c of such coding). My best advice is too look at past models and see if that gives you any ideas for something more controlled.

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    i dont know how to put it in english.. but nwei, its also about sociology.. nwei guys.. ur feedbacks are so so useless...

    i asked for a THEORY.. like you know.. Freud's Theory.. or Erik Erikson's Epigenetic Principle.. something that would relate to "how males would affect the social skills of the female"

    Can you give me a model or a research work related to my topic? Or give me a site which will be helpful..

    The question was clear... i just need a theory not ur ideas...

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    Being an only-child ahd a janitor at the tyme Vasser college waz intagrated,I can tell youthyis....Young women and men will gravitate to each of the other in specific ways.1..Condoms are allways found in the ladies rooms.2..The ladies allways cry rape when they sober up.3..Boys always feed girls too much beer than can handle.4..every college person do not utilize their time to maximize thier learning potential-abilitiy.good luck.

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    You may want to research feminist theory which is an offshoot of Marx's conflict theory. Look at the way "patriarchy" impacts not only the way females relate to males, but how they relate to each other. For example, you have women who actively protest patriarchal patterns, while others perpetuate them to possibly their and other women's detriment. I hope this is helpful.

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    Start with a statement. A title is meaningless without a statement. What are you trying to demonstrate? Do you have an idea at all?

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    It has nothing to do with Males and Females! IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY!!!...

    Now rethink your paper and write under this venue.

    bet you'll get An "A"

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    Put that into English Jenny.

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