Christians. Please explain these contradictions?

Jesus spent his time with the masses appealing to logic thru parables. Christians say that if you use logic you are denying the facts.

Jesus spent his time telling people to give to the poor.

Christians spend their money in religious competions such as "Toys for Tots" campaigns and "Who can build the biggest church".


Sorry James. This was more of a general fundamentals question rather than an attempt to quote the parables letter for letter. As far as a reference to the parables it looks like Matt 13 could give you some good reading material.

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    'Happy Christmas'!

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    In the first "contradiction" you are talking about the relationship between reason and faith. That is what the Pope was talking about when he got all the heat from the Muslims. At least in Catholicism (Eastern and Western Church) Reason is considered very important. It is the means by which Faith is challenged and what remains becomes stronger.. The heavenly prosecuting angel if you will.

    Jesus did not talk about logic or Reason--he was talking about Faith, ethics, and morality.

    There are Christian sects which downplay reason. These are primarily some of the fundamentalist sects.

    On the second paragraph:

    Toys for Tots is a charity for kids--from what I know Jesus would approve.

    On the second, in the Bible Mary Magdalene came and poured perfune or scented oil/water over Jesus. Judas complained that the money could have been better spent on the poor. Jesus rebuked him--because it was proper in the scheme of things that he should be honored and worshiped--and as we now know, Christians regard him as God--who was made flesh and dwelled among us. For the same reason there is nothing wrong at all with building Churchs, not just as meeting places, but as places to honor God.

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    You know.... I have always been like you ..The preachers used to get frustrated and quit talking to me..the priest the same way and others the same way .I saw to many contradictions and parabels with teachings and writings and such...Its best to leave things as they are.. Read everything you can get your hands on..Think deeply about the things you read..think about your own thoughts and forget organised religion..Only you can know what to think about things.. But know in your heart that Jesus was a good man,that had good teachings and cared for people and was a peace maker and kind to the people that needed help and kindness.He was persecuted because he was this way..People dont like people that are good .it makes them feel bad about themselves..its always been and always will be..The people now days with organised religions are all about competition and the biggest house and best dressed and such..forget them and look at what is the most important thing.. Jesus gave of himself .. he cared about the sinner.. the people that were homeless and helpless and according to the bible he was given supernatural powers to help those that he could help to make a difference in the world,just like Moses and others.. But a living deity .. I don't think so but a good man that God used to help and change our lives. You have to do what I did.. quit looking at man. .quit looking at church.. when it comes down to it..its really what is in your heart and you will know the truth or know what is right and wrong..

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    >>>Christians say that if you use logic you are denying the facts.>>>

    No, we don't. Disagreeing with Christianity is one thing, sir, but making utterly false claims such as that is something else.

    >>>Christians spend their money in religious competions such as "Toys for Tots" campaigns>>>

    That IS a campaign for the poor, is it not?

    >>>and "Who can build the biggest church".>>>

    Your second false claim about Christianity in one post. You're really on a roll.


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    Jesus also said that many would try to enter heaven and say "have we not healed the sick and cast out demons and done many wonderful works in your name" and Jesus will say depart from me I never knew you.

    These people would have called themselves..."Christians"

    Logic can be used by Christians, but it can not be our sole source of information. I could see a frozen lake and logic would tell me it was save to walk on but logic could be wrong. I could fall through thin ice that might look thick.

    Although I think it could be possible for a real Christian to get caught up in some of what you have said..I also think that if they were really listening to GOD...they would not.

    Source(s): How to Have Eternal Life Are they Really Christians?
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    What about Muslims trying to build the biggest mosque as well as the strongest amplifiers and loudspeakers on the tallest minarets to wake up the largest number of people whether they like it or not, while Christians are told to enter their chambers and close the doors behind them and talk in their hearts to their God who is not deaf?

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    No, he spoke in parables, so that only the faithful would understand what he meant.

    He was marked for death, by men who sware oathes because of the both the saducees and the pharisees when they cospired to kill him. Most of the christians were Poor. most of his followers followed him because He had the wealth to buy food and feed him. Someone once suggested that the miracles of the bread and fish only happened because he ran out of money.

    There are more answers to the truth that have been rejected trhougout history other then what christians understand

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    This is true, so called christians do a lot of things that jesus didnt do. They will also give an account for it. Jesus said you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Just because people name the name of jesus that doesn't mean they are one of his. He also said that few people would find the way to him.

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    I am Christian,get your facts straight then bash.I use logic,no one

    said logic is denial.I personally have fed many who were hungry and I give what ever I can to homeless people in streets, even though Jerks say they will but booze, so be it. I hope they buy food, but I give freely.

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    I think it is best if you would say "According to the story contained in the bible Jesus did such and such..." or "The bible says Jesus did such and such." Reffering to events that the bible describes as history is innacurate and gives steam to the christian way of thought.

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    I'll give to toys for tots AFTER those Tots are fed. Taters for Tots would be a better program. and not just because it would feed kids but also because I SAID SO.

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