meniere's disease?

i have meniere's disease and no syptoms exept ringing of my ears or tinnitus, and its is bothering me too much i cant work or hera people say, can somebody tell me some methode or some therapy to reduce it? thanks in advance

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    Have you been diagnosed with menieres. If you only are suffering from tinnitus I'd say you don't have menieres.

    Many people suffer tinnitus, me inclusive, this is caused by a build up of fluids in the inner ear, it annoys the hairs of which are used to hear.

    Yes is can be treated in different ways, you may have to test what works for you.

    Reducing the intake of salt in your diet.

    Reducing alcohol consumption.

    Reducing loud noises to you ears, protect your hearing.

    Or one I have heard of, is a noise machine that creates a sound like the ringing in your ears, you put on head phones, and because it is an actual noise it trains your brain to ignore sounds of that pitch. Thus reducing the ringing effects on your life.

    Your ears will probably be more sensitive to noises, so take care of your hearing it will deteriorate easier for you then others.

    Don't be afraid to ask others to speak up a little, or face you so you can read their lips a little.

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    1 decade ago

    There is a surgical treatment. Fairly simple, but recovery is a very rough, dizzy experience. Discuss this with a physician.

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