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What did he mean by saying "toying with you"?? please help?

This is a really lame question..i know...So im flirting with my 'crush' and we are having semi-sexual flirty conversation...

THE BOY SAYS: I just love toying with you

I SAY : hehe

THE BOY SAYS: oh wouldnt you like me "toying"

I Say: hehe hmm i dont not too


THE BOY says: ya right

what did he mean by saying those words? is he not interested in a relationship with me? he is just "playing" me or with my emotions??or he is just simply flirting with me? im really lost mind is irrational please help. i know i sound so dumb.ahh silly crushes...thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    'Toying' can mean playing games with you or teasing you.

    You'll get a feeling in your gut (intuition) if you feel it's of a good nature or controlling or an effort to manipulate you.

    Some people get a 'thrill' out of teasing/manipulating some people for their own sick pleasure.

    Depends on what he is doing to 'toy' with you.

  • I really do not know how he meant it.

    The term " toying with someone" traditionally means that someone is messing with your head and playing mind games.

    However, if he came right out and said that to you and was laughing about it, he probably meant that he liked teasing you.

    Just try not to be too obvious that you're crushing on him.

    Show interest but do not take his crap.

    good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Cats toy with mice before they eat them.

    Hanibal lector would like to have toyed with Clarise and eaten her as well.

    Toying does not sound good.

    Sounds like being disrespectful to you.

  • 1 decade ago

    He's Fkn with your emotions.. there's nothing nice about it... Drop the bum and move on... You can't even get a straight answer from the dude..

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