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My puppy has loose stools...?

It is a 12 week old cairn terrier and the past few days she has gotten worse loose stools, she still eats, I feed her Nutro lamb rice puppy, is there anything I can give her to help this go away? What is usually the cause of this in puppys?


There are chunks of what I think is food...and at the end some mucus-egg white looking stuff...

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    This is a known synthom of the ownset of the deadly parvo virus at this age , Also there can be an over growth of intestional bacteria, Too adrubt of a change in diet can cause this,Internal paricites causes this also

    I can't stress how important that it is for you toget medical attention If you can't take the puppy. Take a fresh stool sample to the vet they can tell you Quickly what the cause is. The cost for a test is usually under $10.00 and it isn't worth the risk, not to do so ASAP.

    Source(s): 35 years of Dog care- Kennel owner.
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    Quite often it is a change in food, or if you have just wormed her that will cause loose stools.. Has she been given milk? That can also cause loose stools.

    Has she been given any treats out of the ordinary?

    Try her on something bland for a while until her stools become more normal. And then introduce other food slowly.

    If it continues and the stools become watery, it may be ab idea to take her to the vet to have her checked out.

    Good luck with her. If it continues and she reaaly ups her water drinking, get her to the vet asap. <smile>

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    Have his stool checked for worms. Even if a pup was wormed by the breeder, it can still get worms in the first few weeks of coming home. Also, make sure you aren't giving people food or rich, fatty treats.

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    Everytime my puppy would get loose stool I would mix cottage cheese in with her food seemed to take care of the problem.

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    if you get puppy from pet shop ,go ask petshop what their food is give to your puppy and buy a same brand of food.Dont change food is may cause your puppy had this problem.

    if u want to change to other brand.Try to mix 1/3 current food with other food and increase more percent in next day.This process will take about 1 week until your puppy had comfort with new brand food.

    take care .

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    I have had experiece and I know what to do. Puppies always get loose stools when it is young. It will soon go away. Dont chage what she eats.

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    the puppy perhaps is getting used to the new food, if you switched her from a different dog food to nutro, her stomach will be very uncomfrotable. you need to wein her off of one food to another.

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    Get him a chair.

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