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My Akita mix went to the Rainbow Bridge today due to bone cancer. Why do we love these dogs so much?

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    All Dogs Go To Heaven

    "Not the least hard thing to bear,

    When they go from us,

    These quiet friends,

    Is that they carry away with them

    So many years of our own lives.

    Yet if they find warmth therein,

    Who would begrudge them those years

    That they have so guarded?

    And whatever they take,

    Be sure they have deserved".

    J. Galsworthy

    I am sorry for your loss.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I had a Doberman that passed due to Ostesarcoma ( bone cancer).Our dogs are probably there at Rainbow Bridge together now,free of pain and running the hills in the sun and having a wonderful time. Why do we love them so much, They are our best friends, loyal, devoted and they never judged us, just loved us unconditionally. Merry Christmas to you.

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    Sorry for you, I understand your loss. I have sent several of my dogs (kids) to that bridge and over. They will be there waiting for me in a place that no longer knows hurt or pain. Since Christmas Eve has always been magical for me I'm sure you will find the same peace as you gaze into the heavens tonight. Think of your pet because your thoughts will be sure to reach it on this most magical of all nights. And someday, all of the creatures you had a special love for will meet you at that Rainbow Bridge.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.I was prepared to have my 13-year -old dog,Scout put down yesterday,as she could not walk.I made the arrangements,and we stopped at McDonald's on the way so she could have a cheeseburger.Then we got to the vet and they had to come out to the car and out her on a gurney to take her in.Then when the vet came into the room where we were waiting,Scout got up and started walking! It was like a miracle! So,of course we couldn't do it.We brought her home,and she seems to be doing quite well.But to answer your question,why do we love them so much? I think it's because they are so trusting of us,and they love us no matter what.They don't care what we look like,or how much money we make.They don't care if we act silly sometimes,or sing silly doggy songs to them.They just know that they love us,and we can love them and be ourselves around them without worry of criticism.And they are our forever friends,and our little fur-children.It's just too bad that we have them for only a short time.Take comfort in the fact that your dog knew that you loved him/her,and that you did your best to take care of your friend till the very end.

    Source(s): Have owned dogs for 40 years,and it never gets any easier to lose them.
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    I'm soooo sorry for your loss. We love our pets because they offer us unconditional love and don't argue, yell or criticize us for anything that we do.

    I had to have my 10 year old Old English Sheepdog put down this year so I know the sadness you are feeling. When he looked at me the only thing I saw was love in his big brown eyes. He is now cremated and his ashes are in a wooden box waiting for me to cross over. When that happens our ashes will be scattered someplace together so that in internity we will be together as one.

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    beacause dogs are more then just dogs! they are our companions and our best friends, they are our family members and our guardians! they come to mean everything to us! especially over time! if you were attached to this dog..then you miss him dearly, almost to the point where (if you didn't already) you cry! i lost my dog two years ago.... he was a german shepherd, i had him since i was 3... i am now 21! he was all i ever had growing up and he got old...and well you know... and honeslty to this day i still cry thinking of him and i still miss him so much and... i even went as far as to make a scrap book with pictures of us growing up together! see, when it comes to pets...especially dogs, they mean everything to you when you grow together and get so attached, they are no longer just pets, or just dogs! they are family and friends! they really are everything!

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Dogs are always there when we need them. Are glad to see us and offer true companionship without any strings attatched. That is rare in this world!

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    I am sad to here that. Their loyality makes them closer to us than some humans. I love my pets and fear the time when we must part someday.

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    They are members of our families. They all have their own personalities just like people do.

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    I am very sorry for your loss. We love them soooo much because they are sooo easy to love. They love us back, they never talk back and they keep us company. In return we love them sooo much.

    Sorry :-(

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