question about properties for hard drives?

the pc i am using has windows xp and when i open up MY COMPUTER, right click on my D lists my used space as 4.43 GB and my free space as 1.55 GB....WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? also for my C drive the used space is 14.0 GB and free space is 35.8 GB.

can anyone tell me in laymens terms, what this means about the life, or performance of this computer?


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    You have a partitioned drive. That means that 4.43 GB of your 40 GB drive is split into drive D and the rest is in C. Usually backup files are in the smaller partition (your drive D). Leave this drive alone. Use drive C when saving documents.

    This does not tell you anything about life or perfrmance. To find out more about these things, you should look into what your write speed is or the lifespan rating is for the drive. This is listed in the manual.

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    your c drive have enough free space i.e.35.8 gb for storing files and other softwares whatever u want

    the d drive have only 1.55 gb space left for keeping your files on this drive

    try to save or load small files in d drive like images, songs, text documents etc

  • Free space means the amount of disc space that you can still use for storing and the used space means that the disc space that is already being used by your files and programs. You can always delete files to gain more free space so that you store new stuff,

    Hope these help.

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    It has nothing to do with the life or the performance of your computer. It only has to do with the total, and the available space on each partition of your hard drive.

    Source(s): 26 years of owning computers, 16 years of building them.
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