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what are pros and cons of Stem cell research?

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    dude check this out

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    The question hinges on where the stem cells are taken from. If they are taken from the umbilical chord and after birth then they can be beneficial in regenerating tissue that normally wouldn't regenerate. If the stem cells are taken from a murdered baby then a whole lot of people incurr guilt that may send them to hell.

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    Basically this is one of those topics that invokes the whole "religious community" vs. "scientific community" debates. The way I see it is this: if I wear a condom, I'm essentially killing at least one potential child (unless we're talking twins/triplets/etc.)... so I'm not going to have a double standard. If it benefits humanity, what does it matter if we research using stem cells. They're no more or less alive than sperm, among other things that we "kill" daily.

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    Stem cell research is the doctors playing God over human life.

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