im 21 years old and just going to college. i am seriously considering going to medical school. it is too late?

i am just afriad right now that its too late for me to go. i am afriad i wouldnt get accepted, or pass the mcat. i just wanted to know if anyone thought it would be worth the effort.


i am just really scared because its a huge commitment. and i am afraid i will fail... and it will all be in vain. i still have to get my core classes out of the way, but im not too worried about those. i just need reassurance i think.

Update 2:

the reason i would like to go to medical school is, in my humble opinion, being a doctor is the greatest thing someone could do with their life. i started with wanting to do nursing, and have made plans for that, but i dont think i would feel as fullfilled with that occuaption as i would w/ a m.d.i just dont know... thats so much pressure to handle.

Update 3:

i am just not sure if it is REALLY what i want to do. but i want to decide so i can prepare, at the same time i dont want to make any rash decisions. i am so stressed out!

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    1 decade ago
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    Absolutely not too late. 21 isn't old by any means and maturity is a great asset in the medical field. Some of my colleagues were in their mid thirties when they started med school and they made great drs. I can't answer your question about whether you would make the grade...that is dependant on your academic ability but if you were getting the grades you needed before there's no reason you wouldn't get them again if you put in the effort. You'll never know if you would get accepted if you don't try. I think the real question is not "should you try?" but whether you really WANT to try and what your motivation is for wanting to go into Medicine, but your age is really not a factor. If it's something that you really want to do then go for it. Congrats on choosing to go to college and good luck!

    Additional comment: Try not to stress out about this. You don't have to make this decision immediately. Try to do the right mix of subjects in your degree so that you have the option to do medicine if you decide that it's something you want to do later on but also give you other options if you don't. Is there maybe an academic advisor you could talk to about this?

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    Just as long as you're okay that you'll be 29 when you graduate from Med school and if you think that you could really earn the grades to get in, I say go for it.

    The benefits of med school really wont come until you finish, but with any physician making over $100,000 a year, I think that the 8+ years is well worth the effort.

  • hoxha
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    3 years ago

    you would be a fool to no longer pass. forget approximately approximately those different persons. i'm fifty six and dealing on a Bachelors degree in Psychology. i began out college whilst i replaced into 27, end for 25 years and have now back. began back at a community college, too. i'm no longer possibly in touch with regard to the degree. At my age, I basically could pass to college for something of my life. i like it. and that i've got the 4 factor GPA to tutor it. sounds such as you have a plan. I assure you will do properly, when you consider which you're there for the main suitable motives. F your previous classmates. that's time so which you would be able to pass previous them. that's no longer approximately how properly you do, that's approximately doing it. decide for it!!

  • 3 years ago

    Is this a joke? 21 old for med school. News Flash: avg age is 24

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    1 decade ago

    Oh common its never too late you can do whatever you wish and whenever you wish, but the real problem here is are you ready to leave on the roadside for 7-10 years, before you get a real good income????

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    1 decade ago

    Not to late but you will be studying for the long haul 7-10 years including iternship. Are you ready for that? its a good investment but dont change your mind 1/2 way through cause you will only fall back.Its o.k. to change your mind once but not again.

    Merry C

    Source(s): personal exp.
  • Arnoux
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    1 decade ago

    It's never too late to earn a degree, especially a medical profession. I know a lot of people who completed their studies at over 30. My Dad earned his medical degree at 36. Good Luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Bahs, It's never to late to do anything you want. Just be sure and really REALLY think hard about it. Because med school isn't a stroll in the park. But if its what you really want to do then, hon i say go for it !

  • Ammy
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    1 decade ago

    It's not to late some people have gone who were in their mid 30's.

  • 1 decade ago

    no, its never too late. you should try to achieve your dreams. do whats happiest for you.

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