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Stay the course-is it still in bush's rhetoric ?

Defeated at the most democratic polls on the planet is Bush still stick to his previous policy?

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    Gotta go beyond the lightweight issue of what Bush says. Whatever he says is irrelevant in comparison to what he's not saying. What he means is that the acquisition of Iraq's and possibly Iran's OIL infastructure is still ongoing. Iraq's oil is just sitting there because the puppet Gov't over there will never be able to agree how to distribute the wealth between the Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish entities with the overall control manipulated by private U.S. Big Oil Multinationals. Look at Bush's Iraq policy in terms of Oil interests and the truth should smack anyone with an registerable IQ right in the nose. Our troops are pawned out and the abilitly to manipulate the Iraqi people is proving to be an impossible task compared to the express political package he's delivered us.



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    Hard to say, seems to be postponing any changes though. I have a hard time believing that he thinks his course isn't working. I think he is just trying to save face long enough to get out of office.

    We will see though, I have been known to be wrong in the past.

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    Bubble Boy calls Daddy Bush... Hi daddy...I need another big favor. Well.. as you know my poll numbers are down. Can ya call some of your old friends?... ya know Bin Laden's family?... turd blossom...Rove.. says I need one of them terrorist messages asap... I got to scare the base up again... You will! Thanks daddy. Daddy Bush..What else ya gonna do son? I'm gonna send some more of them battle ships to the Middle East... need to make the peoples think we got to attack Iran...Cheney thinks that'll work with the polls too... OK bye for now daddy and thanks...

    Message getting ready to air soon... A gift for Bubble Boy

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    He will hem and haw as long as possible, every 30 days things remain static, there is another 6 bil in the contractors pockets.

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    Bush is stuck in a loop, that is what happens with one brain cell.

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    Oh, you know that is! He's a hard-headed insensitive bastard.

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