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how to treat a chronic cough?

I have had a chronic cough for a couple of years.

At times it seems to cause me to have difficulty breathing.

Doctors are not helpful. They say it is not an allergy, nor it is reflux , nor is it asthma, nor is it a problem with the lungs or stomach or throat.

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    Well sense you've been to the Dr. I'll give you a homemade cough remedy it tastes awful but I swear to you it works. It helps by breaking up the mucus in your lungs.Chop one med. onion, one clove of garlic and pour one med bottle of honey over it in a bowl, cover the bowl loosely with a towel and let sit over night. The next morning strain threw cheese cloth or a strainer. Take a tablespoonful ever 3-4 hours as needed. It really works!

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    Sorry to hear about your chronic cough. There are many different factors to why you have this condition.

    Does your cough produce mucus or is it a dry cough?

    How is the air quality in your home and work environments?

    Do you smoke or around 2nd hand smoke?

    Have you experienced any form of depression in the last couple of years?

    Do you have a family history of allergies, lung problems, and/or heart disease?

    Depending on your age and other factors your doctor should have prescribed a chest x-ray, blood work, EKG and stress test.

    Did you see an allergist to perform skin testing to determine if you do in fact, have allergies?

    Did you see a lung specialist?

    Please consult again with your doctor or seek a 2nd opinion.

    Good luck, best wishes and Happy Holidays!

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    Two possibilities here: if you're taking a medication for high blood pressure (ACE inhibitor) one of the side effects is a dry hacky cough. Ask you doctor about this. He can change the med if you're taking it. The other is chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis thrives in cold weather because the air dries out and the mucous in your sinus becomes thick, making it a haven for germs. Increase your fluids to thin out the mucous, which will help with the dry cough. Use a hudimifier at night if you're using heat in your home at night. This will help keep your throat moist and unstuff your head. Take aspirin with food for headache and sore body. I would take some before I went to bed also. If you don't have a humidifier, use an open pan of water by your bedside. Gargle with salt water - 1 tea. salt to one cup warm water to break up mucous. You can drink hot tea or hot soup to relieve your throat and promote good circulation and saline spray for your nose. Also, drink more water. This will help your body keep it's moisture level in heated inside air. If these things don't help you, see a doctor. Godloveya.

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    Cough is caused by a number of ailments.

    It can be treated by over the counter medicines

    or home remedies. More information available


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    Take some gooood medicine.simple!!!!!!

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