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How can I be a better person?

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    help a needy person today. i bought some big issue yesterday and then gave it back to them to sell again. it made me feel good.

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    By simply striving to be a better one! Whatever you may be doing, just always think of how you can make it better. Start with little things such as picking up after yourself, calling your Mom out of the blue and simply saying hi, greeting a total stranger a good day, or corteously opening a door for somebody else. As they say, great things start from little things... Pay it forward!

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    think with heart and act with your brain. this will make you a better person.

    have positive attitude towards your life and other people.

    believe in Forgiving and Giving are essentials in living.

    Try to give the best gifts to:

    To your friend, loyalty;

    To your enemy, forgiveness;

    To your boss, service;

    To a child, a good example;

    To your parents, gratitude and devotion;

    To your mate, love and faithfulness;

    To all men and women, charity; and To God, your life.

    If you can do any couple of things, you will be a better person

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    u can be better person by helping the others without any expectations

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    No one can change you only you can do that and without knowing what it is that you want to change I can only suggest the following. Think before you speak, listen without interruption and love unconditionally, throw in some random acts of kindness and you'll see your improvements....Good Luck!

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    how do you feel you could be a better person?

    answer that and you know.

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    Kindness goes a long way.

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    Make sure that you are ensuring your own happiness, then just hold doors open and say please and thank you. It goes a long way. You can't do everything, simplicity is simple.

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    believing in yourself....not causing any harm to anyone...loving yourself and ur family...not being addictive to anything..caring for the urself, ur frds and family...being humble and sensitive to everyones's need..

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    You will always be human... so I just do not know what to tell you.

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