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how much easy to buy usa items through shipping/courier service for canada resident?

1)for example buying electronic item from ebay usa seller,is there custom duty you have to pay if yes much and which way you have to pay, ?(2)is second hand items exampted from duty,?(3)do many canadian use to buy usa items through shipping/courier service specially from ebay.?(4) or give whatever suggestion/advise you want to give for above subject

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    There should be no customs duty if they were made in USA.

    You will be charged gst and PST.

    Use Canada post they only charge $5 handling plus the gst+pst.

    If you use a courier then you have to pay a $35 brokerage fee+pst/gst.

    If it's under $35 and marked as a gift, it may go right through with any charges.

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