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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Have you truly encountered evil? or seen the devil in some fashion or form?

I have and let me tell you it's not a memory i'm very fond of, quite frankly it was downright disturbing, disturbing to the point where i am haunted by it. Also let me add that i'm not talking about a living person like you or me, no, i'm talking about an entity or some kind of malavolent form, but perhaps might have taken over a human so i quess humans count too in my question here.

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    The US president is evil.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Chris, I haven't but my youngest daughter has. It scare her so back,she pee her pants. She saw something so terrible,and she could feel the evil coming from the evil thing. This is nothing to be fooling around with. You could be harm,or killed by these entity.She was afraid to go to sleep for a week.She got so tired that she finally fell a sleep,and she slept for 12 hours.She still is afraid to go out at night,and sometimes in the day. She is afraid this evil entity is going to harm her.What happen they were fooling around with some spell,in fun,and got awhole of the evil entity.She said, everyone in the room could feel the evil,and some kind of figure appeared. That's what done it. They all got the hell out of there. I was thinking about trying some spells,but after what happen to my daughter,and friends i am to chicken to mess around with any of this. All i can say, is be smart,and stay alway from magics,specially if you don't know anything about it. What is that all saying?? The cat was to nosey,and got hurt for being to nosey. Something like that. A Friend.


  • 1 decade ago

    I once worked for the Devils Emissary on Earth!

    That was Very Disturbing,and was kind of Weird too!

    The person in question exhibited All Kinds of Demonic Traits!

    i.e. Greed,Anger,Lust, and a complete Lack of Respect to Every Living thing It came into contact with!!

    I managed to bail after 2 Years of Living this Hell!

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that Evil exists with or without men. That is There is a cosmic form of death, destruction and doom. But in this realm of men, in which I journey, I have met absolutley evil men. I believe them to be the Devil, possessed by the Devil, or the Devil's Minions. I myself have a very powerful dark side. I choose to not give into it. But these apparitions of the darkness and all that is bad, is what makes me believe in god and side with good. Evil people have no friends. That's one way to know them. Evil likes to hide in the shadows, the rightious man (And when I say man I mean woman too.) stands his ground front and center and fears not the light or the stress of everyday existance, or the stress of dealing with evil or even death itself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You see evil everyday, you hear evil every day. Take it easy world is not great, but also you will see kindness and good. Some people are even worse than the devil himself but also there are kind and good people like angels.

    So there are Angeles and devils. Stay close to the Angels and away from the devils

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i was in Hell and i lifted up eyes and beheld a spirit floating in the air.

    I asked him if i was dead, and it seemed like he answered yes. the version of hell i beheld was not lava burning flesh it was a waste land. the spirit i saw didnt seem to be the devil but i was in hell, then i read the verse that says David or solomon describes a very similar situation and he looked up too and beheld the lord.

    I prayed one night while sleeping in a parking lot for the protection of the holy ghost and when i finally fell asleep I beheld the Image of what i believe to be the holy Ghost standing over me as if i was being protected.

    But later on this same spirit being appeared to me while i was praying at church!

    Then again, this same spirit being appeared to me many times when i was just falling asleep and it seemed to BE TORMENT rather than blessings. So i wondered if this was satan or lucifer trying to appear as an angel of light.

    OH YEAH. i had an angel of light appear to me in my room and the light of the being appeared to fill the whole room and the inside of my mind as well!!!

    Was this vision Satan or a TRUE Angel ?

    for everything that appears as an angel there is a verse that denounces and denies it as being sent from God but, let noone forget, the only time angels stop appearing is when there is a lack of Faith. !!!

  • 1 decade ago

    not personally. but I have had evil dreams that I was fallling and falling into a dark well that just keept going down and down. I had to get blessed because these dreams were reoccuring and even ones of myself in a cemetary everytime I went to sleep. the same setting and everything, it actually became a reality to me because i was soo little and scared. I am a mormon. A latterday saint, and I believe that there is a prescence out there, but I love god soo much, I know he will help me. God can save anyone if you ask for his help

    Source(s): true story
  • 1 decade ago

    Human being do have a sense of the true destruction, corrupting and rotting aspect of nature. We all learn about it, some of us find it unavoidable to have to be made intimate with it and to be forced to see it clearly tho it is a force, and not a mortal human, and we can not be consiered on a par with it. It is unmaking, as 'God" is making, and it is sahocking to meed our nemesis- our unbeatable foe. Nevertheless, the unbeatable foe is beatable.... one must use all of their vast, inborn resources, and the inhuman strength of the spiritual world with great constancy and vigor-- but don't imagine a being with a soul is bound to lose, at all. Yoiu & I have resources we need.

  • 1 decade ago

    I remember the last time I encountered evil. I was in the midst of reading the Bible and I had the epiphany that any god worth worshipping couldn't possibly find it to be an acceptable representation of his best guidance for humanity.

    The shocking thing is that I had the same experience while reading the Qur'an. A sense that one intelligence was behind them both - and that both are filled with pure ignorance and hate.


  • 1 decade ago

    Yes twice, They were both people and they had a black aura, I have never discussed this with anyone because they would think I am crazy. These 2 entities continue to do bad things but I stay far away from them.

  • 1 decade ago

    you only need to look deep into the eyes of someone who is truly possessed by satan...the eyes are large and round, and dead...the eyes are the window to the soul, and no truer words were ever said...go look at some of the photos of people who kill, and do evil things, is the devil who has taken over and inhabited their souls and rules their very being...and yes, I have encountered evil and to this day keep praying for the demon to leave that person ....look at the eyes...there you will have your answer..

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