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On long haul flights?

Why do some women walk around the plane barefoot, even in the washrooms? Gross. Only women do it. Aren't women, like, supposed to be the cleaner gender?

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    Going barefoot is NOT gross. It's healthy and comfortable. I haven't worn any footwear in ten years and I am never sick, never have any foot trouble. Foot odor is produced by bacteria in (closed) shoes; if you don't wear shoes to start with, feet don't smell. And going into the restroom, well, our skin was made to keep harmful stuff out, and I'm not touching my food with my feet. You're far more likely to catch anything from the germs on the door handle and such than from anything you'll get on your feet, since even if you wash your hands you still have to open & close the door... even other surfaces that are handled by lots of people are often full of bacteria; like the seats themselves. That's how you may 'catch something', not from a pair of healthy, strong feet touching the ground. Unfortunately in the US there's the persistant myth that bare feet are unhealthy, bad enough that there supposedly are Health Dept rules against bare feet in stores & restaurants, but this is a MYTH. The various states' HDs don't have any problem with customers going barefoot anywhere; they know it's not a health risk! (see source)

    And it's not only women who like to go barefoot, I know lots of other barefooters on the 'net and a few in person, and most of them are men.

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    Completely barefoot IS pretty gross. I have walked around the plane in my socks, however. Reasons are as follows: I forgot my slippers and would rather wear socks than my shoes. Wearing shoes on extremely long flights cuts off circulation (at least to some extent, depends on what kind of shoes you are wearing). I usually remove my shoes while seated, and trying to put them on again while seated next to another person is too awkward (bending head down between your knees, etc). I think women are more likely to do this bc women are generally more health-conscious and women are less embarassed of their feet. Also women do not wear socks w holes in them (ha ha).

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    Haven't seen or done that yet and I've been on many long haul flights. Maybe they suffer from swollen feet during the flight and feel more comfortable with their shoes off? I don't know.

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    I don't know why this happens but I wish it wouldn't. I was on a commuter jet trip recently, about 3 hours, not really a long haul but this one lady took her shoes off and the entire plane could smell her foot odor. It was horrible!

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    ummm ewwwwwww!!!!!!!! i would NEVER DO THAT!!!! that is disgusting!! i've NEVER seen a woman do that on a flight before!

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