is there any way to decrease da size of ma breasts?

im really depressed bout ma breasts cuz ma mom keeps on sayin dat i should do sumthin

plz i want good answers

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    1 decade ago
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    Plastic Surgery

  • 1 decade ago

    Um, apart from plastic surgery? The way to decrease breasts maybe to lose some weight (if you have any), plus do push ups from the floor.

    The muscle you gain around the pectoral muscles, will begin to dissolve the fatty tissue around the breasts. This will not only help them become a bit perkier, but can make them smaller.

    It's not easy to do one push up, but if you can do it properly (back straight) and try to do this daily or every other day, you should start to notice something happening after sometime.

    I know people who are very big up top and some of it is weight too adding to it. Obviously they are naturally big anyway, but certainly losing weight and gaining muscle around that area will shrink the breasts a little and possibly more than a little.

    You'll notice women body builders, literally have NO breasts (which is not what we want), but you see how gaining some strength, toning and a bit of muscle can help?

    Be aware, when you do this you may think it's eithernot helping or they seem even bigger. This is only because as your pectoral become stronger and fuller, at first this seems to push things out, THEN they will start to take over the fat in the breasts and you should see them shrink more later as you keep doing this.

    It's not much of an effort really. Push ups are hard though, I've tried and off the floor is worse and my breasts, which are not big at all, got even smaller due to the toning and growing of the muscle in those areas, so I had to stop doing it.

    Though I can do it from a lesser degree and I gain toning and muscle, without losing breasts (I just do it standing away from a table and lower myself that way, so it's not as straining as the floor).

    But try the floor! You know the push ups, the same as the army guys do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Overall weight loss is about the only thing aside from surgery.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'll take some of the left overs!!! lol!

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