19 month night mares?

my 19 month old baby boy is suffering from nightmares every night from almost 10 days. he sleeps very nicly at night, but suddenly in the middle of the night he weaks up crying and rolling over the bed some time he will hit the pellow or hit who ever is comfortting him. i know it is normal for kids to have nightmares but i would like to ask is there any solution to solve this problem.

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    Your baby boy has no choice but to face his "tormentor". He can find Freddie Krueger in Elm Street.

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    Sounds like night terrors. He could be overly stimulated during the day. Comfort him when he wakes crying but remember....his eyes may be open but he can still be asleep. They will pass. Maybe giving him some tylenol before bed may soothe him into a better sleep. Oh, and flip the pillow. Tell him the nightmare was because he had the pillow the wrong way. He will then go back to sleep and be happier.

    Source(s): A mother of two beautiful little girls. We've experienced this!
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    Hmm. Could be night terrors, which is common, usually not lasting 10 days. Hitting the one who comforts, however is not common.

    Something could be frightening your baby, that you or someone else did or said, unintentionally. Ask your pediatrician.

    Example: Years ago, I colored my hair burgundy. The color was sitting on my hair as I read a book. My freinds kid came into the room and started yelling that my head was bleeding. The poor child had night mares for 4-6 days!

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    My daughter went throught his when her Dad had to go overseas. It was frightening since she was my first born and I never saw anything like it before. The doctor recommended a night light in her room.

    When my husband returned I had him sit down and read about 12 different short bedtime story books into a tape recorder.. when he left a few months later; I played the tape before she went to bed and she didn't have the night terrors that whole time he was gone.

    So I recommend a night light and bedtime stories.

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    i don't know if this will work in this case, but does he have a lovie? (stuffed animal or soft toy that he takes everywhere) or maybe a blankie? my daughter used to wake up in the middle of the night, and i would let her cry it out and she'd grab her stuffed toy and go back to sleep. it eventually stopped...maybe some kind of mobile that you can put on a dresser away from the bed with a dim lightshow, or a nightlight in his room? he'd be able to see everything and know that there's nothing in there to get him. hope this helps!

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    this is a traditional method try it if u believe it. pick a piece of candle or tin and put it on a stainless stell spoon and melt it on a fire. then drop in into the water and see what kind of shape occured. He is having nightmares becuz he might scared of something.

    when i was little, mom did so and she found that i was scared of hats. so she didn't let people see unless they take off their hats.

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    i spray lavender on my sons blankie every night before he goes to sleep. he sleeps great. i can so tell the nights when i have forgotten.

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