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Nephew's step-brothers harrassing him?

My nephew CJ(13) lived with us for a couple of months. CPS visits our house one day looking for someone else and my dad tells CPS to get rid of CJ because he's not in school (we're working on homeschooling) and a bunch of other trash that happened between them in the past 5 years (says he's lazy, freeloader, etc.) My dad flipped out when CPS made the visit and kicked CJ out of the house. Not having any place to go, he had to return to his father's house. He originally fled his father's house because there are people constantly coming in and out of the house and harrassing him and physically beating him (they call him names like "girly" and "f*g") I'm the aunt 21 and still living at home during my husband's deployment. My mother and I had to take CJ back to his father's house this evening and there was a lot of tears. CJ is afraid of his step-brothers, his father is always working and as soon as we brought him into the house, the harrassment started. What do we do?


My dad says he's not allowed back in the house, though things were going fine until the CPS visit! Nobody has a problem with CJ living here except for him! It pisses me off! I am afraid for CJ's safety and am in tears. We have no other relatives for him to stay with and I won't have a place of my own until my husband returrns from overseas. I need advice, please. I don't want my nephew to get hurt.

Update 2:

In response to answers, CJ is not lazy, he will wake up at 6:00 am just to do chores around the house if needed. He always helped me with my errands when I needed help, he was always there for my mom. This all just breaks my heart. He is such a nice loving kid and my father wants nothing to do with him, I feel so horrible and helpless. I just want to go back to 2 days ago before the freakin' CPS visit and live happily again and try to enjoy the holidays. Jesus, this is upsetting.

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    Make a copy of this question and put it where your dad can read it. He needs to know that his actions are hurting an innocent child. It sounds as if your father wanted CJ out long before CPS came to the house and is using this as an excuse to get rid of the child. Is CJ really lazy, does he earn his keep? Does your father see something that you don't. There is to much to consider. I'm a stranger and I don't know what is going on here really but, The child is in need of help. Don't give up on him!

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    Sounds like CJ is in a bad abuse atmosphere- you could call child protective services if he is in danger- and they will put him in a foster home- how about court ordered family counseling?? Maybe your dad thinks it will work out- that and he needs to be school= not working on being homeschooled- either you are in or out- that could get your dad in trouble- and arrested if he is the responsible adult taking care of Cj=D

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