DVD recorder & DVR?

I have alot of shows saved on my dvr that I want to keep, but they're taking up memory on my dvr box, so I was wondering if I could record them on dvd using a dvd recorder

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    I'm currently doing it with a DirectTV DVR and a Samsung DVD Recorder. Wired with composite (red/white/yellow) as follows:

    TV (in) ----DVD Recorder (out) DVD Recorder (in) ----DVR(out)

    I have recorded several DVR items off (movies, etc). without issue. It is realtime playback - i.e. you have to watch the event while it is recording. Not sure if there is a better way, but this works for me. Only caveat is that the DVD Recorder has to be powered on to watch satellite programming. Might also research which DVD Recorder you purchase - I only have experience with my Samsung unit, sounds like some newer models may recognize the 5c copy protection to prevent the burning of premium channel content (HBO, Showtime, etc.)

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    A dvd recorder files to a dvd disc a useless ringer for those that videos come on. A dvr files to a difficult force a useless ringer for the difficult force in a computing gadget--no discs or tapes are necessary to record courses. frequently, they could carry thousands of hours of programming relying on how massive the difficult force is. you may quickly ahead at lightning speeds and erase undesirable courses almost immediately. between the best issues about dvr is that you may watch some thing from the start at the same time as it continues to be recording. Say you record your well known coach once you're out. You get residing house at the same time as the coach is 0.5 over. you may watch it from the start at the same time as the 2d 0.5 finishes recording. Tivo dvr's require a subscription service to get admission to programming with the help of a telephone line . I have a Panasonic dvr that would not require any more beneficial costs. It makes use of television handbook programming that's embedded in maximum cable amenities already.

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    should be able to. the only thing is if the dvr has copyright encryption you wont be able to

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    No, not really

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