Round or princess-cut?

I was looking at both 1 carat round and princess-cut rings on and to my surprise the round ones were much more expensive (when you pick your own diamond, not pre-set). When I looked at the sample photo that was suppose to be the "actual size" the princess looked smaller. I remember hearing princess-cut looks bigger than round. Is that true? Which appears bigger and which, in your opinion, is a better choice? Any preference on settings, too?

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    round is more expensive because there is a greater demand for them-the setting will also have a major effect on how large the stone appears. has a feature where you can basically put your own ring together, however, I've never purchased from this site & cant advise you to order there, but, its a good tool to have anyway to get an idea of what you like together... the following is a link to a ring I think is beautiful - good luck!

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    Yes a princess cut looks bigger than a round regardless of the size because it is bigger.

    Usually the groom picks out the engagement ring. Wedding rings typically don't have diamonds. The bride doesn't really get any say unless she goes with him to pick it out.

    That said, I much prefer princess cut to round. Although I do like round. I love the filigree settings. Both are personal preferences though and what one person likes someone else may hate.

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    I used to think that I wanted a princess. But after I went looking at rings, I fell in love with the round cut. It sparkles so much better than a princess. My fiance proposed with a round and I didn't even know he was getting it (I went by myself). HE said he went to get a asscher cut (similar to princess) but fell in love with the round. I love mine!!! It's a 1.56 but looks like a 2carat! I get it all the time and I just smile! The round sets beautiful on the hand and looks bigger and sparkles more!

    Either way, whether you pick a princess or a round, she will adore it because it came from you! Just keep that in mind! Good luck and best wishes to both of you!

    BTW, my fiance looked at Blue Nile too. He didn't end up getting it from there (I had always dreamed of a Scott Kay ring - ) but he loved their rings. We have ordered things from there before and loved all of the jewelry!

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    The princess cut of the same carat is bigger. Less cuts.

    Round has more cuts which make it sparkle a whole lot more.

    I prefer the round, but that's just MY preference.

    Why don't you take the gal with you & let her pick out something SHE adores? She's the one that will be wearing it for eternity.

    Call ahead to the jeweler & have him pull all the rings in your price range. Let her indulge herself.

    Source(s): Cincinnati wedding minister
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    I have a 1 1/2 carat round cut diamond solitaire engagement ring and I get so many comments on how beautiful it is. I would go with round.

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    It depends on the woman! I was immediately drawn to the princess cut. It is fairly classic, yet elegant and modern. The round tends to be great for its timelessness and sparkle. So if you get a princess cut diamond, make sure the cut is your top priority in selecting a ring for good sparkle.

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    what is the depth of the diamonds in question... the wieght can be the same but the visual effect will be different if the cut is less than ideal. width verses depth...... as for round or princess cut it is an individual perference. is this for you or someone else? the setting can cleverly make a stone look larger too. I really recommend looking at a stone in person... some rating same graded color same wieght same clarity same cut

    but can have different "inclusions" or flaws... they will have some... can make a difference if "fire" or ablitity or reflect light back. does bluenile have a refund policy? read it carefully.

    personally i perfer colored stones....but if diamonds are your thing good luck and keep researching.

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    Round. Not just for the beauty but for the fact it wont get caught on things like another cut could.

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    An Asha princess with rounded corners would fit many semi mounts..

    My personal favorite is the Asha Asscher at

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    I like the princess cut. My sister has a different opinion she likes the Emerald cut

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