Can i be citizen in NY?

Right now i am in Afghanistan i want to study Low Enforcemet first and be have a job there.

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    1 decade ago
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    Apply for the Green Card Lottery. All legal websites for this end in .gov. Do not trust any other sites. The earliest you will get in is 2009. The 2008 lottery has ended. See the link below for more information. You do not have to pay anything to take part in the lottery. You will only pay if you are granted a visa.

    Good luck!

  • HJW
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    1 decade ago

    if you are in Afghanistan right now .there is a link that you may want to check :

    Applicants for all other categories of visas, including visas for students, businessmen, exchange visitors, workers, tourists, and immigrant visas, must continue to apply in person at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    U.S. Embassy in Pakistan

    Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5, Islamabad

    Tel: +92-51-208-2700 or +92-51-208-2121


    Public Inquiry Hours: 1-5PM, Monday-Friday

    Note: The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan does not require Afghan nationals, or other nationals living in Afghanistan, to make an appointment for a nonimmigrant visa interview. Afghans may pay the application fee at a designated fee payment office, and, with the receipt, proceed directly to the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy before 11:00 AM for an interview on any working day, Monday – Friday.

    good luck )

    - Contact Information -

    Visa Services

    U.S. Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan

    Phone: +93-(0)70-10-8001/8002

    Mobile: +93-(0)70-20-1908

    Office: +93-(0)70-10-8378


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    I visited NYC not long ago. I had a really difficult time there due to the language barrier. You see, I was born and raised in Illinois, and my native language is American English. While in NYC, I discovered that I was the only person there who could speak English. I'm not certain that NYC is even considered a part of the USA any longer. If I ever go to NYC again, I will take along my US Passport just in case.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to get in the Que for a green card buddy.

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