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Anyone know of a persont that would be willing to train a student pilot for free?

I am a student pilot with a private pilots certificate. i am trying to find another pilot that just wants someone to fly with them, but would be willing to train me......anyone got connections, or could offer me some advise

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    that highly unlikely, especially since training cannot be done while carrying passengers, or while in commercial operation.

    The best thing you could do would be to find someone who wants a plane for the weekend, use their credit to get a Mooney m20 for about $60,000-$75,000 and pay your fraction of the monthly payment and maintenance divided by how many hours each of you flew.

    That would allow you to get 30-40 hours a month for about $2800 (figure 40 hours, times 8 gallons at $4 a gallon, plus about a $500 half payment and insurance, and $300 in maintenance, plus $20hr for instruction), compared to about $6000 at a flight school.

    There are people who will do this, but you'll have to show them that you know your stuff and how this will benefit them by reducing monthly payments, insurance, maintenance(If someone is flying it, the preventive maintenance is already done, and paid for by you, and the aircraft wont have maintenance caused by sitting still) and the advantage of having the aircraft in a ready state instead of in storage.

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    A Student Pilot with a Private certificate? Which is it? are you a student pilot or a private pilot. If you are a private, what type of training do you want?

    Instrument?Multi engine?Complex? Commercial, ATP, CFI ???

    If you are a student pilot then I assume you have yout medical/student pilot certifacte. Getting instruction for FREE is not going to happen. Unless pop/mom is a cfi and will ing to do it for free forget it! YOu must have a MINIUM of 40 hours of training to be eligable to take the Private "test ride".

    What you are asking is some one to "give you around $2,000.

    If you cannot afford flight instruction, get a second job, wash planes, mow grass, work at mcdonalds for training money. IF YOU want it bad enough, you will do it, if you want a free ride....not gonna happen.

    aviation is very expensive (I spent over 11k this year)

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    Where in the world do you live?

    Also, how could you be a student pilot with a private pilot's license?

    I'd be willing to fly with you (but I'm not yet a CFI) if you are in my part of the world.

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    That is funny. Nothing in aviation is free. However, you might be able to find someone that owns there own airplane and wants another set of eyes and is willing to let you ride along. The more time you spend in the air the more experience you will gain and experience itself is a huge teaching tool. Even then you should offer to buy half the fuel.

    Remember they must be a CFI in order for both of you to log it.

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    I got my flight training from the military. Not only was it free but they even paid me. (I would’ve done it for free!!!) They also put me through school. You got to like that deal.

    If the military isn’t an option then you can try cleaning hangers in return for hours or something like that. I don't think it is as easy these days as it once was.

    Source(s): over 25 yrs of military and civilain aviation
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    If that is your situation, you better be ready to knock on a lot of hangar doors, make phone calls and hang out at airports.

    FYI. Professionals do not work for free. Aviation is not inexpensive.

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    I can do it

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