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TONY asked in PetsOther - Pets · 1 decade ago

i have 2 daddy long leg spiders in my kitchen.?

My wife wont let me kill them, but i live in oregon so its cold outside. does anyone know if they can survive in 30 deg weather? also will or can they harm any of my animals. 2 dogs and a cat?

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    They cant hurt anything. But im sure they can live outside. I mean if they couldn't then how could they be a natural part of the wildlife in your area? Befor people moved in they would have all died off the frist winter that hit.

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    My brother takes any spiders that i find all over the house outside. OR! Use a vacuum and suck them up. That can't kill them... right?

    Don't forget to throw it in the trash. then take the trash out.


    Good Luck

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    they can syrvive in that temperature but for their food... i am not sure. they cannot hurt your family and pets. i guess they must be huge. anyway.. there's one huge daddy long leg beside my bed. it doesn't hurts me and i feend it with ants which has those wings. it cannot hurt you. yu may be scare of it with those thin legs... i guess you can put them into a cage , a tank... tell your wife that they are not dead. they are harmless. they are strong too. they can survive with just five legs at the least. i once kept one which had 6 legs. huge for me is anyway only 8cm at the most . but daddy long legs don't hurt. they are totallt harmless.

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    They won't harm a thing.If she doesn't want them dead then put them in a little tank or something...or feed them to the cat and inform your wife that it's your cats fault.They won't hurt your cat...or if they did,mine would be long past dead.

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    Just kill 'em or throw them outside. If you put them outside put them where there is lots of leaves or dirt for them to burrow in.... that will keep them warm. But you don't pay your heat bill to keep those monsters toasty!

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    they are the most poisoness spiders there are but their mouths are to small to bite they won't hurt your animals or wife or anything else as far as the the cold i dont' think they would...hope i helped ya

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    Just let them live loose in the house its the bets thing. why do you want to kill them???

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    Spiders? i have arachnophobia,, i would def. kill them

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