Does anybody know about DDoS and DRDoS attacks?

I wanna know those masters and slaves in the DDoS and DRDoS are under attacker control? I mean do they know that the attacker is attempting to attack through their computer?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think I get what you are asking, but the phrasing of your question needs a little work.

    Basically what your looking at here is known as a bot-net.

    These are many computers that have been compromised, (i.e. "Hacked into") The attacker then typically places DDOS software programs on these machines.

    In the past this would normally be carried out using programs like Trinoo, TFN, Stacheldraht and others. Those are all older DDOS/DOS programs, but new DDOS utilities turn up all the time.

    These programs then await commands from the "master" normally listening on a high numbered UDP port, or they (the bots) will all await commands in some obscure IRC channel,

    and are used in massive packet flooding attacks against a single target host, or target network.

    These are the "slaves". The "master" is the cracker that knows how to send commands to these compromised machines, in effect telling the boxes to attack whatever ip address, duration of the attack, type, etc.

    As far as;

    "do they know that the attacker is attempting to attack through their computer?"

    If you mean, "Do the owners of the compromised machines have any idea their computers are being used to take part in these attacks?"

    Typically, No.

    The cracker will go through great pains to hide the applications on the compromised machines through use of rootkits, etc.

    I hope that answers you question.

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