i want nobs to turn with my midi keyboard, for ableton live and other prog. what should i buy? thanks.?

i want to control different effect nobs and the like in ableton live 6. i just dont know if i should buy a midi keyboard with nobs, or just the nobs themselves since i have a keyboard i can hook up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    This little device says it works with ableton live 6:


    This device may be even better:


    I like M-Audio's equipment. I have their keystation 49e and the triggerfinger controller. I'm using them both in Logic pro 7.2

  • zell
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    3 years ago

    precise...visit ideas, then ideas, then MIDI Sync. verify administration floor, enter and Output are arranged to the form and form of your keyboard. next, click on the Audio tab interior of ideas. the driving force form would desire to be set to Asio4All. The Audio enter and Output device ideas would desire to be set to however soundcard or interface which you're utilising. close it and restart Ableton. All being nicely, if your drivers are put in appropriate, it particularly is going to paintings. If no longer, be at liberty to characteristic extra info and that i will attempt to assist.

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