I am 8 months pregnant, there are 3 possible daddys?

Should I fraternity test them all or just tell them all theys the dad?

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    1 decade ago
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    umm, wait untill the child is born, then dna test them all, although if u do this, and the father wants custdity, its going to help their case.

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    Ok, first of all, it's not called a FRATERNITY test... Second, you can't just tell all of them that (in your words) "theys the dad". Third, maybe a little education would have helped you avoid this situation. Go to school and COMPREHEND!

  • s t
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    1 decade ago

    I was and still am saddened at this particular life story of new child, yet to be born. Besides your own story, to a lesser degree. why would a mother-to-be mix sex with motherhood is beyond me and beyond the new born interests. a child wants and has a right to demand a normal legal parent/s and you are the only one who can provide that certainty. i am not making a moral lesson but issuing a human rights declaration that should be followed up to the strictest sense. Given where you stand today and if your three companions understand and accept the issue as you see it -- then paternity test is the road to follow but there is more to come from you and the sole paternity survivor on his responsibilities to the new born child --when that occurs. hope you have an easy delivery.

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    Test them. It's only a matter of time before one of them figures out anyway, you don't seem to be the type that can cover your tracks, or keep your mouth shut about something like this. It's not fair that you make some one assume responsibility for a child that is not theirs. In the event that some thing is wrong with your child in the future, you and or your child will need to know medical history. Find out who the father is. And please, think strongly about celibacy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    DNA test them. Just let them know that they have a 1 and 3 shot of being the dad.

  • TCSO
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    1 decade ago

    Get a paternity test...ask the hospital about it. After you figure it out, get child support and then dedicate yourself to your child and education. Relax with the guys...when your kid is 20 and doing great in life you will see how worth it it was to put them first. Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    What were you thinking sleeping with three different people at once?!?! This baffles me, and have you heard of birth control? Yes you should have them all tested, or maybe you should just raise the kid with no support because really it seems that you may have tricked them into sleeping with you in hopes you would become pregnant just so you could sap money off of them. It might piss you off that I say that but sleeping with that many guys and then you oops get pregnant. no wonder men are weary of women...

    Source(s): Will people ever learn...
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    1 decade ago


    fraternity testing means letting a bunch of college kids run around screaming at them.

    PATERNITY testing is when you do a very expensive DNA test which only jerry springer can afford- about $1200 each-so you might want to check with him. as far as you sleeping around too much, you might want to get a STD check while you are at it. seems like you don't know what a condom is for. try to narrow it down, unless you slept with them in the same day. i think that you need to own up to the fact that you are going to be a single mom, and start acting like one. go back to school, get your GED/Diploma, and try your hardest to make a good life for the baby.

  • sglmom
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    1 decade ago

    YOU need each of the potential Dads to take the DNA Test to determine if they are the "Father" of the baby that you soon will have.

    Source(s): TELL them that they have a 1 in 3 chance of being a Dad -- and to show up for DNA testing when the child is born.
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    Ask each of them to take a paternity test. If they refuse, get a court order. Find out for sure.

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