What proof do you all that says GOD doesnt exist do you actually have ?


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    the same question can be put by atheists WHAT PROOF YOU HAVE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD? man is responsible to his conscience. man is moral because he is rational.the purpose of living is not to waste time in discussing the existence of god but to strive for the betterment of the marginalized sections of the society and to lend our hand to the people in need and try to wipe out the tears of the people in abyss.

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    For the 8000th time, it impossible to prove the non-existence of anything. Likewise, it is impossile to prove the existence of a supernatural being because supernatural evidence can't be tested.

    We could resort to logic. Perhaps we can determine something from what we think we know about "God". Note: None of the following premises has been validated.

    Premise 1: God is omnipotent. Premise 2: God is omniscient. Conclusion 1: Due to God's infinite power and knowledge God has no needs, desires or fears. God has compete control of everything.

    Premise 3: Humans are weaker than God. Premise 4: Humans are more ignorant than God. Conclusion 2: Humans can provide nothing that God would need, want or fear.

    Premise 5: God created everything. Premise 6: God is benevolent. Conclusion 3: God wants the best fate for all creation.

    Premise 7: There are right ways and wrong ways to act. Premise 8: God is just. Conclusion 4: God will reward good actions and punish bad ones.

    Premise 9: Belief in God is considered a "good" act. Premise 10: Disbelief in God constitutes a "bad" act. Conclusion 5: God's justice is based on our belief in God.

    Premise 11: Some bad people never suffer significantly and die old. Premise 12: Some good people have miserable, short lives. Conclusion 6: God must have some way of administering justice beyond the end of life.

    Premise 13: Our corporeal lives have a purpose. Conclusion 7: Nothing that may happen beyond our lives can have any effect on God's justice.

    Now we have a problem. We've established that God doesn't need anything from us, can't be threatened or impressed. So any attention God pays to us is strictly altruistic. Yet God has decided that we have to earn God's favor by believing in God. That would suggest that God "needs" acknowledgement, either that or God is NOT benevolent.

    Setting up an arbitrary belief test does not sound like the action of an omniscient, omnipotent being. Nor does endless, inescapable torture based on ignorance that there was a test. (By definition, an atheist would not believe in the test, therefore would not know there really was a test. And then there are all those poor folks who happend to be born in non-Christian cultures and never heard the gospel.) Since God gets nothing out of our obedience or rebellion, and because God can see the fears and ignorance that drive our rebellion (much like a parent can see the foolishness of a squabble among four-year-olds), yet does nothing to correct the errors when any good can be made of them, this afterlife punishment would seem to belie God's benevolence. Even the concept of perpetually ecstatic souls bathing in God's presence while other souls endure agony infinitely longer than their actual lives, all based on belief choices, strains any notion of divine love OR justice. A perfectly existing, objective God could not be so petty or vindictive.

    The "ransom" theory of "salvation" reduces God to a game player and us to pawns. Why would God give us "free will" while intending to keep us ignorant of any moral guideposts? If the game is rigged, the "purpose" of life begins to look dubious.

    I won't write God off yet. But the God described by so many Christians cannot possibly exist. That God would immediately die of either theological contradiction or abject shame.

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    A lot of people have already given you simplistic answers; but I'd like to give you a serious answer -- okay? I need you to work with me here.

    Imagine that you are an all powerful, all knowing, all wise and intelligent god. You've created a universe and designed it in such a way so that it neither proves nor disproves your existence.

    Now, imagine that you've created this place of torment. You send people there -- not for a day, a week, or even a year -- but forever and ever and EVER!!! Endless, CEASELESS torment. And who (among others) do you send there? The people who don't acknowledge your existence.

    In the first place, doesn't that strike you as a little childish? Doesn't that strike you as a bit "Overkill," like someone who snubs you at a party, and you then go out and shoot them for it?

    Since you created this universe in such a way as to preclude "knowledge" of yourself; can you rightly blame people if they don't acknowledge you? Is this the kind of behavior consistent with someone who is all wise, and all knowing? Since you consciously designed the universe to entertain doubt, can you rationally send someone to irretrievable eternal torment for having execised the option you provided? Is that moral? Is that even sane?

    Just thought I'd ask these questions. Cheers, mate.

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    Is it clear. Atheist have no proof. Do you hear their lame and lifeless answers. Those that claim he exist, have life and spirit. Why? Because as you know, the proof of God is a personal visit from his Holy Spirit. God's proof is not commercialized. God's proof is not intrusive. God's proof is subtle, and gentle, and personal. God's proof is that everyone knows that each person has the free will to choose or not choose, without any (immediate)penalty for not choosing.

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    One's prejudice is a barrier to any truth ! Old Testament Israel saw the workings of God, crossed through the Red Sea on dry ground and still questioned God's ability to both, protect them and provide for them. Is seeing REALLY believing ? You are no different than the Israelites were ... so why would any solid proof be of any value to convince any skeptic ? Look at it this way. Suppose there is NO God. The way this world is headed, with the polar ice caps melting, weird weather from global warming, North Korea and Iran with a nuclear agenda, terrorists breathing down our necks, and threats of the flu pandemic, world wide !!! There better be a God - pal ... or we all have HAD it !!! ( of course, we can just ignore it all and trust evolution to revitalize the earth after it is destroyed !) Me ? ... I hold to a belief in God for a sure future for us all !

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    Saying there it no God makes no sense. The whole world speaks of his Creation. I believe that GOD created everything there is, and without him, life it self would not exist. What evidence they had found to prove that there is no God? The sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans, the sand, each unique snowflake, the three billion pieces of your DNA that are different from mine, are absolute proof that there had to be a Creator of this universe. When you see a beautiful painting, do you think the painter painted it? Or do you think the brush painted it? Of course we know that the painter painted it, but we also know that the painter used the brush. In the same way, you can see that God in claiming authorship of his creation. Everything that you see on this earth was done by his word, including man kind. You & Me. http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0005/0005_01.a...

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    This is Proof there is a God

    In Romans 1:19-20 we read; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.

    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his "eternal" power and "Godhead" so that they are without excuse:

    In Creation we have (1) Space, (2) Matter, and (3) Time - In "One" Creation.

    In Space we have - (1) Length, (2) Breath, and (3) Height - In "One" Space.

    In Matter we have (1) Engery, (2) Motion, and (3) Phenomena - In "One" Subtance

    In Time we have (1) Past, (2) Present and (3) Future - In "One" Time.

    In Man we have (1) Body, (2) Soul, and (3) Spirit - In One Man.

    In God we have (1) Father, (2) Word (Son) and (3) Holy Spirit / Ghost - In "One" GOD.

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    how are you able to let us know God isn't actual in case you dont have data that He isnt actual? i do no longer, yet I do save soliciting so you might coach me any data of any god, and no one to date has had any data by any skill. B/c there ARE human beings obtainable who've seen or heard God. specific, and that they are the two televangelists or in a rubber room some place. basically as in evolution They dont have all data. Its all guesses. "All data" of what? they have shown that evolution is actual and is a certainty and this is been referred to and documented what extra is mandatory. you're able to desire to ensure something extra suitable than fundie captions.

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    Sometimes faith comes through not proving anything. I have seen what God has done in my life and the lives of others and that is enough for me. Someday I'll see his face, but until then I just have to trust him. Sometimes believing is seeing, because if you keep your eyes open it can be easier to see God in things. Also, sometimes you don't see God's will in something until later.

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    There is no proof of one way or the other, so i think that people should believe in the way that they see fit and stop trying to push it on others.

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    It's the believers job to prove their stance. They're the ones making the positive assertion so the burden of proof rests squarely upon their shoulders.

    Ask the believers for proof. When they cannot provide any and only offer "faith", they've justified the atheists in their nonbelief and skepticism.

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