Is he a cheating scum, or just a flirt. You decide.?

My serious b/f of six months keeps his myspace profile set at 'SINGLE' when it should be 'IN A RELATIONSHIP'.

He does not have ONE pic of me or us together in his pictures on his profile.

I am one of his top 8 friends, but that's it.

When I questioned him he said he did not want people to know his business.

I did not buy that, because his profile is public, so why not make it private if you do not want people to know your business.

So I tested him a little.

I had a friend of mine that he did not know send him a message and flirt. He flirted back with her.

He responded to four of her messages. In all of them he was flirting back with her.

BUT he never asked for her number or to meet her.

So is he trying to cheat on me, or should I not worry because he is just flirting?????


We are both in our twenties.

Update 2:

I'm Stressing over myspace because he is on it a lot, and its a way to hook up with people and my man is pretending he is SINGLE on it.


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    First of all, JHMHSI, you are the most rude poster. Everytime I see your answers they are mean.

    Okay , for the people telling you it's not a big deal..please!

    You are in a serious relationship and your man is keeping his profile at SINGLE and there are no pics of you together on his site, then he continially responds to a flirty female?

    Flirting leads somewhere...period.

    If he respected your relationship he would not do this stuff.

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    If he didnt ask for any number he probably just likes to test his attraction powers but doesnt want to cheat. You dont say how old you or him are but Ill assume you are still in school. Keep in mind he is a boy not a man and boys are immature in relationships. He likes to have fun. Girls tend to take things more seriously. So you can be patient with him or dump him and try to find a guy who is more serious (which is hard to find til your over 20).

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    really he is born natural flirt and true dat if he doesn't want his business out to public why is his page public but you mentioned sumthin like if you shouldn't worry too much cause he's just flirtingwell let me tell you rite now- hell no!!! you never lay bac when you have a man they all flirt , if not they r MEN and that's all the excuse you need there's no perfect one and in your case you might not see flirting a big issue until some action actually starts going on, n if he's flirtin n you kno 'bout that then that is another reason to keep doin what you doin. if your friend is really close to you i suggest that you continue to do your investigations

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  • ostos
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    Married without youngsters. it quite is a good initiate for this drama. the different guy keeps insisting which you keep seeing him? What approximately what you like? while are you going to place your large lady pantie on and take movements to do what you like? Your husband flirts with different females? You 2 have themes. arise with your self. provide up seeing the different guy for you're married precise now and the different guy isn't in this on your terrific interest. think of of your self now. Take a destroy from all of it. Get some expert counseling to help get some readability. take it gradual to heal and make your techniques wholesome. Then while your husband comes decrease back take it from there.

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    If you are not comfortable with that, why dont yo just ask him? relationship is all about honesty and communication. Its wrong of him to flirt already in the very first place. How wil he feel if you are he one who flirt?

    PS. For just a whitey...

    You talk nonsense. when a man in relationship, he should stay faithful w his partner, and visa versa. If you still like to 'shop' around, stay single! Why do you think its only you have the rite to flirt around..? women can doo that too! and how will you feel if your gf/wife does it to you????

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    1 decade ago

    Okay, first of all... why the hell are you even obsessing over something you saw on MYSPACE?! *rolls eyes*..... you're making this out to be something it's not. Let him flirt... he can have fun. It's called anonymity. We all have it on the Internet. And forget about the dumb "tests." All you managed to accomplish with that is make YOURSELF even more stressed and worried.

    By the way, if you find out that he's looking at porn, don't fret! Everyone does it... even gals. I should know; I am one, and I do it. Seriously! Don't choke him with the leash... (you know, unless you're into that. *shrugs*)

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    Well, his response is certianly valid. In todays world no one with any sense puts completly accurate information on a web site ( sex, date of birth, and zip code are enough to positivly identiry 90 percent of the people in the U.S.)

    But it seems he is probably not being completly honest. You are well rid of him, the scum.

    Oh the otherhand, you spied on him ("tested" him), you are scum and he is well rid of you.

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    He is just flirting, he just want to have some fun, you are one of his friends but that doesn't mean that he can't flirt with someone except you, let him enjoy his life but with limits. If you don't want him to flirt with other girls, show him love and care, show him that he don't need to flirt anymore because you are there for him.

    Hope i helped.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why why why why why are girls so dagggg-on stooooooopid?

    Look, he's a young man! it's in our nature to shop the market! stop worrying about what he's doing, because whether you bugg the heck out of him or not, he's still going to get his play smooooooooooth on!

    If you're one of his top 8 friends, be glad you're on the list and move on maaaaaaaaaaaan!



    a man doesn't consider girl #8 his main squeeze....

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    Sounds sketchy. Don't play around though, just be up front. Problem is that when your gut is telling you something is wrong, something usually is. Good luck!

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