help with weight lost?

ok i've been losing weight which was great but just found out i'm pregnant and i know i'm going to gain alot of weight so what i'm asking is does anyone know what i can do not to gain so much weight while i'm pregnant? If you have any ideas that would be great. thanks

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    Walk every day thats what I did my second pregnancy and I only gained 25 pounds. I had the same thing happen too me though I was looking the best I had in years and ohh I found out I was pregnant

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    when you're out shopping at the mall or the grocery store, if you have time to, take an extra lap around the store. basically just walk for an extra 10-15 minutes when you go somewhere. weather permitting, go outside and take a nice, brisk walk. drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies...when i was pregnant i gained about 27 lbs and shed all of it and then some in about 4 months postpartum. so keep the diet healthy have good exercise habits...but also, know your limits. if your body is telling you to stop, then stop. sitting around enjoying your pregnancy isn't going to make you fat :)

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    walk alot and eat lots of healthy foods.. Walking is great exercise for you and bubs. Also swimming is very theraputic and is a great form of exercise. As long as your not over doing it, you should be fine.. Whatever you do, DONT limit the amount of food your eating, you will need it and so will your bubs.. As long as its all healthy.. your weight wont be a problem.

    Source(s): Mummy of 1 and bun in the oven due May 8th 2007
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    eat healthy and ecsersise(sp) no diets no skipping meals and dont over do it if you get widned after 5 min quit and try again tomorow just walk till your tierd and dont push it any more if its cold out try going to astore and walking the aisles (sp) or maybe a mall

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    Ask your doctor/midwife what sort of excercizes you can do. Don't eat high fat foods and drink pleanty of water. You can still excercize while pregnant but you are supposed to consult with your doctor first.

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