My hamster might be preganant and she lives with two other females is this ok?

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    Hamsters need to live alone. Hamsters are solitary animals and when kept in groups they can turn on and kill each other. If the three hamsters have been living together for a long time, without too many problems, they may be fine but you definitely will need to move the babies and the mother once they are born. The other hamsters will get Territorial and the mother will fight to protect them. When the babies are older and she tires of them, she will attack them. Also, she may be more vicious towards the other adults once she returns to her original cage.

    Source(s): I have had many hamsters as pets.
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    Depending on the breed of hamster you have (Syrian or Dwarf) you may want to separate the hamster into a cage of its own. Often dwarfs will help take care of each other's litters. This makes it easier on the mom. Syrians don't get along well at all unless raised together from babies. Even then its rare.

    I have also seen a pregnant Dwarf mother try to steal another mother's babies. They were almost playing tug of war with them. This causes a great deal of stress for all of them and is dangerous for the babies.

    Best results, put mom in a cage of her own and please allow her peace and quiet for the first 2 weeks. Do not change the nest area until then and do not attempt to hold the babies until eyes are open.


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    NO!! Put one the other (not pregnant) hamster in a new cage!! Now Change her litter in the pregnant hamsters cage. Put in a lot of extra litter and throw in some torn up cotton balls. Give her a lot of food and make shore your other guinea pigs is okay!! Once the babies are anywhere from 3 weeks - 6 weeks (to be safe) but the male baby guinea pigs in one cage full of fresh litter and do the same for the females just in a different cage!! Change the litter in the cage the babies were born in and you can put the other hamster in with the once pregnant female!!

    I hope this helps!!

    Source(s): 3 Guineas pigs 30+ hamsters
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    Do you have a syrian (teddy bear) or dwarf hamster? Dwarf hamsters can often live together, but if you don't want a continuous supply of babies, keep them to same sex cages. If you have a syrian, they are very strictly solitary and once they reach maturity they will fight to the death no matter the gender.

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    Check up the skirts of the other two females...if your hamster is pregnant, then there's a male among the group!

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    You should have all of your hamsters in separate cages, they are so cute all together at the pet store, but they are babys, when they get older they will fight even if they are females and they will injure each other.

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    Abercrombie- they are hamsters not guinea pigs, get it straight.

    Are they syrians or dwarfs? Syrians are solitary animals and need to live alone, while dwarfs can live in small groups. Just be sure they are not mixed sexes.

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