How many phrases can you think of that sound like sexual references when they really aren't?


Don't give a number, list them out, I want to laugh!

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    sure , hun, thats fine with me , i will do it for you.

    laundry ppl mind out of the gutter.

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    i work in retail; and sometimes things come in boxes and after we empty them out htey go to the box room. today i gave my friend sean a pink box to bring back there. he said it was hte biggest pink box he ever saw and them played around with it for a bit. (really just tossing it up in the air and catching it becasue we were goofing around at work. but he played around with my pink box.

    plus the word clavicle sounds dirty.

    a customer got confused about cashews we had on sale, had grabbed the wrong brand. i said the ones she had with her are cheaper anyway. and i actually said to some old lady that "nuts are nuts" that was fun.

    i'm tired and can't really think of any good ones though. sorry i'm off to bed, have to work in four hours.



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    Once someone commented about being able to hear trains around my apartment, and I said that they run a lot of trains around here. It sounded potentially sexual but was not.

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    My favorite number is 69

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    Anything can sound sexual, it just depends on how you say it and who you're saying it to. Examples..

    Would you like me to tie your shoes?

    Oh.. I think your phone is ringing.

    Oops.. there goes my necklace.

    That's the biggest piercing I've ever seen.

    Were you gonna eat that?

    Eh eh?

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    From the food channel:

    I like it really hot!

    It's so slick!

    It's plumps when you cook it!

    I like the big ones.

    Like butter in my mouth!

    I like it too!

    Rich and creamy!

    A big chunk of hot meat...yum!

    Some other phrases:

    Minute Men.

    Pound the drum slowly.

    Hard Drive

    adware for your software.

    Source(s): I just think too much!
  • Anything can sound sexual... if you say it right.

    I don't think Lincoln's president anymore!

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    1 decade ago

    ouch. dont poke me there

    you gotta push it in just a little deeper

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    1 decade ago

    toss the salad

    she likes nuts

    Dick n Jane is funny

    Blow this place

    butter your bread

    GAH.........I don't need to go on, becoming nauseas

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