Why did Hitler Kill so many people ? What did he hate about them?


The first 6 answers did not tel me what things did Hitler dislike about the people he killed. Please tell me.

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    He believed in purification of the Races, that is ridding the world of all those deemed a contamination of civilization and the best blood. Jews were seen as the cause of most of the trouble in Europe. Gypsies were identified as being asocial and another contamination http://www.mtsu.edu/~baustin/gypsies.html Homosexuals, the mentally retarded and anyone else that could similarly be classified were also thrown in. This concept of Purity has plagued mankind for millenia and was the cause of countless wars. The Nazis took it to an extreme, and devoted much science and medicine to this issue. This is a dangerous mental illness that even lives today in the United States. You can hear faint references to it on Answers when people talk of Nuking Muslims, exterminating illegal aliens, hatred towards homosexuals, etc. When used by the state to play on the fears of its people it can have horrific consequences. The Nazis bombed their own government to arouse the population in this way towards the communists so they could take power in Germany, and what happened here after 9/11 was eerily similar making everyone afraid of Islam. I hope that helps.

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    There is no one real reason. What makes a dictator?

    He was insane, he was evil, he was the kind of person with a power kick - always had to be in charge and have the final say on all matters (thats one reason they lost the war), I could go on and on. He wasnt doing it for the safety of his homeland and his people, he was doing it for personal gain and conquest.

    If you are looking for things that Hitler hated about those he had killed, i really dont think there was anything. He just singled out a group to hate and kill is all. Could have been any group-he just grabbed the jews because at the time Germany and Europe had plenty to kill. I guess you could say it was "nothing personal" to him, although in his propaganda warfare he did point out the shortcomings and evils of the Jewish race (not that i buy into that). He claimed they were inferior, evil, out to destroy Germany and the Arian race, out to take over the world, the whole nine yards.

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    Non-jewish Europeans had cultural mistrust of the Jews for centuries upon centuries, often resulting in ethnic cleansing and genocide in the form of pogroms. Hitler, and most of Europe, had grown up being taught to believe that Jews were horrible, inferior people, motivated by greed and all the negative Jewish stereotypes that persist today.

    The judaic faith values education, and education ultimately produces success in industry. As such, versus non-Jews, the Jews during World War I had a seemingly disproportionate stake in business ownership. The Germans, with a long, prideful history of military might, having lost the war, immediately sought an excuse for the failure that resulted in their being stripped of a large percentage of their country's land, the forced implementation of economic policy that resulted in perpetual poverty, and eliminated part of their nation's identity: their military. So, the Jews, who because of their business gains were typically considerably better off than the typical German, were believed to be traitors who assisted the other side and stabbed Germany in the back.

    Come to think of it, this sounds an awful lot like the Middle East with respect to the United States.

    Regardless, Hitler rose to power promising a reclamation of the glory that was once Germany, capitalizing on the unifying hatred of the spiritually wounded German people. Hitler, a megalomaniac sociopath, who believed in the genetic superiority of a certain class of humans, took full advantage of the situation to further his personal agenda.

    So in short, he killed so many people because he wanted to and he could. He hated Jews because everyone hated Jews, except he had a deeper hatred, possibly due to some of the other things that people had mentioned (like his mother or father's Jewishness, etc, stuff I haven't seen any undeniable proof concerning) AND he had the idea in his head that he was supposed to mold the world into a more divine image.

    So in a really short assertion, I believe Hitler did what he did because he wanted to be or really impress God.


    And I'd like to add "stay in school", because I think it applies.

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      Are you serious. Wtf.

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    An Irish writer once pointed out that 'if you want to unite a people give them something to hate'. Hitler 'provided Jews', gypsies, homosexuals, intellectuals and anyone opposing the "National Socialist Party", these groups of people to hate.

    He wanted "lebensraum" - living space - for pure aryan people and swept through Europe getting it. Killing anyone in his way.

    Have a look around your own country - aren't the same groups singled-out for prejudice?

    There are historical reasons why Germany was 'ready' for a leader like this.....if you want to know more try William Shirer's "Rise and fall of the Third Reich" - the beginning of this outlines the background well.

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    Hitler probably had a personality disorder. Narcisicm with paranoia. HIs brain didn't work rationally, so there is probably no rational way of saying why he hated the people he hated. He killed many political opponents, such as communist and social democrats. He killed Jehovah's Witnesses and homosexuals. Jehovah's Witnesses wouldn't swear allegiance to him (or anyone else but God) and wouldn't give the Nazi salute. Others were just thought of as subhuman and, therefore, a threat to the Nazi race.

    One should always remember that the Nazis were nationalists and believed that they were a super-race and were, therefore, special. They were on the top of the food chain and were entitled to lead. World War One had humbled this race, but it wasn't the Aryan Race's fault (according to the Nazis). Jews and communists and others were trying to dilute the Aryan Race according to the Nazis and were trying to take over the world from the rightful leaders, the Aryans. As such, the Aryans had to fight to attain their rightful place, domination of the world. As Jews and Communists and others were trying to defeat the Aryans, the Jews and Communists had to be defeated and kept from interbreeding with the pure-bred Aryans. To be quite honest, it all sounds like a bunch of crap to me, but millions of Germans actually believed this.

    It's hard to believe, but political passion can get so hot that people will kill millions for it. I personally think that political passion burns just as hot today in America, but it's still unacceptable to kill people over it. Look at our past and see how many have died in this country over political passions. See the genocide we have committed against the Native Americans. We could do it again if killing just someone became acceptable.

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    Killing the jews was a very small part of the plan. Really they were just a convenient scapegoat for him to justify returning German land back to the German people and allowing them to make advancements toward a worldwide empire.

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    Honestly, you are looking for an answer that historians since then are still pondering about... no one has a 'set' answer.

    Some theories are as follows:

    - His mother was half-jewish and abandoned him at a young age so he had this psychological mother-hate manifestation.

    - The Jewish ppl had become very successful and some argue begun to monopolize certain economic areas... it was an overthrow of their economic control.

    - It was a way to motivate the masses... needed a segment of society to target hatred towards in order to unionize them.

    Not saying any of those are true. Just saying I've heard varying theories.

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    chodeys or whatever the **** your name is above me don't try to give a sophisticated answer when you can't spell certain****!!!!! IT is believed that Hitler was part Hebrew himself (please note you ignorant ***** that Jewish is not a race but an ethnicity) He was said to have been very insecure with his lineage. You should check out his psychological profile that guy was pretty ****** up!! By the way that **** wan't bout no money, *****!! It's called genocide. Note that Hitler himself had derk,borwn eyes and dark hair!! HE DISLIKED THE HEBREWS BECAUSE HE BELIEVED THAT THEY WERE AN INFERIOR RACE, THAT THEY WERE PAGANISTIC AND DEFIED HIS BELIEFS WHICH HE HELD TO BE SELF EVIDENT DOCTRINE. SIMILAR TO RACISM AGAINST BLACK IN AMERICA!! NOTE THAT THE ORIGINAL HEBREWSW WERE IN FACT DESCENDANTS OF AFRICA! READ YA'LL BIBLES OR SUM'N A BOOK!

    Source(s): History channel and literature looks like a lot of mafuckas on here ain't never cracked a book!!! Minus my frequent grammatical errors in dialogue, I'm a genius!
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    Hitler enforced and intimidated himself and his party into power. Nazis are into dog eat dog mentality. Tough frame of thought. He ruled with an iron fist. Even the neo-Nazis are brutal thinkers. It would make anybody hate that was subjected to it...

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    Must people hate in others what they fear in themselves. Hitler was in impotent frail sickly man who hated frailty, and scorned the sick. His mother was a servant in a Jewish household and he was born out of wedlock. It is speculated that his father was his mothers boss. To save the family shame an incestuous marriage between his mother and his overbearing thuggish civil servant uncle took place. His uncle hated Hitler for his oversensitivity and artistic aspirations. As result he grew up seeing his mother as a victim and hated himself for not being strong enough to defend his mother or himself from his abusiveness. He hated his Jewish father for not accepting him as his own.

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