Why is it that every other question on here bashes Bush or the military?

It seems that every question on this site is just begging for people to rant about how Bush is the worst president ever. Don't get me wrong, I am definately no fan of his, but I think talk of impeachment is going much to far. And as for those of you who insult members of the military, I have no respect for you. Those people don't choose the wars they are sent to fight and many of them are kids just looking for a way to pay for college (myself being someone who is considering enlisting for just such a reason).

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    Number, your question is dead on...even when responding to your question people can't help but to bash Bush - see answer above mine.

    Here's the real deal - we (the military) finally got a president we can be proud of after 8 years of draft-dodging, smoked marijuana but didn't inhale, oral sex in the oval office (and lied about it to congress, the American people and the Grand Jury - UNDER OATH), had Osama Bin Laden on a silver platter but didn't want to be strong an take him, said there were WMD - oh just like a bunch of other democrats - and had one of his advisors (Jamie Gorlick) build the wall preventing FBI and CIA sharing intelligence that led to 9-11.

    They hope that by dividing a wedge between the troops and the president they can create another "Vietnam" where the troops were accused of disobeying orders. Won't happen, our military is far too samrt fot that - which is another way these idiotic people don't have a clue about what the truth is.

    Great Question!

    Oh and I forgot to mention, if we do win this thing and there is long term stability brought about by regime change and a democratic Iraq becomes a member of the world community, Bush will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents - but some extremist liberals (dems) can't stomache that - ergo the attacks and personal insults.

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    Educational benifits are not as good as they seem Went people talk about GI benifits they are thing about the benfits that were given to WWII vet. They stopped this after Vietnam.

    They will pay for you school while on active 100% but this is no good if you are deployed over sea.

    It is better to work and go to school or work 2 job and save your money.

    In the navy I work 12 hour a day 6 or 7 days a wek and I had a easy job. That come out to about $2.86 an hour. Most people work 16 hour a day 7 day week on a ship.

    In the miltary who go where you are told even if you do not agree or undrstand why.

    Back to you question the Bush basher can stop the war now if they want to, but they like the war because they can bash bush.

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    I only bash the military when a soldier goes to a war and dies and then their family is all in a bunch over it. When you sign up one of the consequences is possibly dying. As for bashing Bush...I started as a supporter believing he would be like Bush Sr. who had justified reasons for going to war and actually ran the country well. But boy was I wrong. Jr. has become one of the worst if not worst presidents in history. That is why I feel there are tons of people bashing Jr. He doesn't know a damn thing about running anything. Plus he is the only president to be elected with a criminal record. Even if he was a good president there should be some things that should always disqualify you from becoming a leader of the most powerful country in the world. I support our troops always but never unjustified wars like the one we are in now. Vietnam 2003 - ????

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    Bush and the war on terror are the hottest topic in America. That is why.

    Most people expect victory or defeat from war. That is difficult in siege warfare against an enemy who wears no uniform. Without victory, citizens feel weak and must vent frustration toward their political leadership. A war against ideological differences has no end without the eventual exhaustion and expiration of one side.

    The only possible truce would be the root of the conflict. In this case the Israel-Palestine border. UN Security Council Resolution 242 calls for Israel's withdrawal from illegally occupied land and returning to the 1947 established borders. That is the only possible path to a ceasefire in this war. Until then, more "Bush-bashing".

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    People have short memories. They don't seem to remember that the majority of people thought we should of gone to war originally to iraq because we thought there actually were WMD's. And the people who say Bush lied. How the hell do you know?!? Do you have complete access to confidential files? Did you go into Iraq and work beside special intelligence forces to find out? What? No?.. Well then shut up about it. It's not for you to decide whether Bush lied or not. He was wrong about it, but who knows whether he knew or not. Let whatever future legal panel might come up seek out that information before you start ranting. But, 1 point to the Bush bashers. His foreign policy is just terrible. Nice question.

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    Because there are a lot of dupes and there are a lot of operatives.

    I remember the Carter years, which were governed through cowardice and incompetence. And the Clinton years, which were governed by polls and focus groups.

    I also know that everybody who is bitching throughout the world would not have the freedom to do so without the United States Armed forces.

    Everybody who gripes needs to ask themselves how much better off they would be if the Soviets had won the Cold War...

    (Can you say "Vichy Water & Vodka?")

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    Bush and the military are two different entities. I can say "Bush sucks!" all the live-long day. But I respect the troops for the reasons you mention. You might ask yourself, would someone who claims to be such a supporter of the troops--such a patriot--send troops to fight a war of choice for...nothing? That IS an impeachable offense. Bush lied to congress and the American people, you tell me how that supports the troops.

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    First of all, I mostly ignor the ignorant....

    I fully believe that none of us have the FULL story and that the media is biased and are constantly endangering ops in the field and our brave troops trying to do their job. How stupd can they be reporting in real time every step our troops make? And arguing over every detail on the air? Maybe they should be brought up on charges when their actions cost lives of our soldiers... Maybe then they would use a little common sense in their reports.

    In history, much of this would be considered treason...

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    Well, many people here are not and do not have friends or family in the military. Also many people here beleive what they read in the newspaper and what they watch on tv. They live a sheltered life and think you can really shoot a gun out of someones hand instead of shooting at center mass.

    I guess Ignorance is bliss........

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    Do a yahoo search for Depleted Uranium Weapons, read the results, and see if you still think impeachment goes too far.

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