How many names are to many?

A very good friend of mine recently had a baby girl. The names she choose are all great names on their own, but she gave her daughter 5 names.






S(their last initial)

She choose these names because the initials spell the word..DREAMS....some people critisized her for it.

How does everybody here feel about this? Just wanting opinions in general.

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    I think that if the worst thing she ever did to her child was give her a cheesy acronym name, they're probably not too bad off. That said, I think giving a kid an insupportable number of names just to spell something cheesy is... well, cheesy. Plus, Rashana? Come on, there are a lot nicer R names than that.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't like it. Choosing a baby's name is not the place to play games or satisfy your own need for attention, which is what sounds like happened with your friend.

    Personally, I think a baby needs a first name, one middle name, and a last name. That's it. If parents feel they simply MUST use 2 middle names, I still think it's pointless, but it's not ridiculous yet. 4 middle names, like your friend chose, is too silly and pretentious. It would have been less cruel just to name the baby Dream.

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    My husband has 4 names and so did my grandfather. Both of them said that they wish they had 3 names.

    I know just from my husband, it is a nuisance on paperwork especially at the bank. They will take one initial out or put one initial in front of his first name! And it's a pain in the rear!

    So in my opinion and especially my husband's, 4 or more is to many!

    Stick to the traditional 3 names and everything will be fine!

    Source(s): Experience! Husband and grandfather have 4 names.
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    I like the idea. The child will only go by one name and for other purposes he or she can go into the middle names. It's really no biggy. I know we are not royalty, but some royals had as many as eight or nine names.

    King EdwardIII was christened as Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David.

    Most people shorter names to ease things, the rule is each to his own.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to say, I like middle names and I think I'd like to boast that I had four of them, but I do think five names is too many. Two middle names are plenty. I'm not sure I like "DREAMS" either - I think some people might, but when your first name is Destiny, you don't really need a whimsical set of initials.

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    I think having this many names is probably too many. Their child has to grow up with this many names! I wouldn't like having all of those names.

    I think parents are going too far with choosing names for their kids these days in their quest to be unique.

    I hope their child will be a good speller!

  • 1 decade ago

    The names are going to have to fit on forms that will be filled out throughout the life of the person, so giving them a long name just complicates matters for them. It also makes things difficult for the teachers she'll have.

    It seems she's more interested in herself than her child.

  • Everyone has the right to name their child whatever they wish. In my opinion though three names are enough.

    I named my son Julian Hunter Lee __________(Last Name)

    I think 2 middle names are enough but some would agree that one is good enough.

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    1 decade ago

    My friend has four names Stephen Paul Jackson J(last initial) I see nothing wrong with it, there are princes with more names than that.

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    That is just weird. Having six names, unless one is royalty, is pretentious and obnoxious, and I'm not even sure there's many royals that have six names. Why would you ever do that to a child, unless you wanted that child to have nothing but misery when it came to ANY sort of document?

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