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any 38 weeks pregnant here?

im curious of what have you been in this stage of pregnancy? im 38 weeks pregnany but yet not feeling anything.... :( i love to see my baby right away but i know maybe he's not ready yet to come out. what are you feeling right now at 38 weeks?

sometimes i felt so scared of delivery if i can make it or not....

i know its normal but im really scared thanks in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i'm right in the boat with you...i haven't really been feeling anything and since this is my first i'm paranoid about everything. and i'm scared i end up just waiting to feel the baby move to make sure that he's alright and that i don't end up driving myself crazy. but i've watched things on the discovery channel that helped me deal with some of it...but i don't know how well i'll handle the pain. my baby it pressing on my bladder a lot more and i thought that something was going wrong there but my midwife said that it was normal and i shouldnt stress unless the babies movements became less and they haven't so i've been just trying to relax until the big day you should be trying to relax as well considering i guess we're going to need all the energy possible to make it through labor considering i've heard that its a marathon

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not pregnant but have been there, honey. You can be 38 weeks and feel pretty damn good. You will feel the baby less because of the space in your belly and you will start those crampy braxton hicks things too. Labor is emminent when you look and feel like you've had enough. Yes, everyone is really scared at this point. But remember, labor doesn't happen in 5 seconds. It is a slow process especially if it is your first. If you start feeling real cramps that alarm the dr. Or a backache, or bleeding. If you see your mucus plug in the toilet labor is coming soon. Read up on it and you'll feel better. Good luck. It is different for everyone. Don't listen to the horror stories out there...most people exaggerate.

  • 1 decade ago

    My wife was 38 weeks last week or so and she had a scheduled C-section. She felt great up to the 33 week, then the baby was pressing on her back and causing back pain. This is normal She was fine most of the time except for her back. The baby girl is fine and so is the mother. Mom is healing fast and feeling great. Just try to rest and not push yourself. Best of luck and God bless with your delivery.

  • 1 decade ago

    well i just had twins and i was scared too the delivery is some thing that you cant avoid but once its over its such agreat feeling knowing that you did it i say educate your self and dont worry youll be feeling plenty by the time your baby is born but definatly educate your self watch delivery movies and read up on any thign you can find

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