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How do i burn a vcd from bin/cue?

I burn alot of vcd's and when i try to mount the image from bin/cue with nero 6 ultra it says unexpected file format. How can i burn successfuly a vcd from bin/cue or what program should i use if nero isnt cooperating?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let me see...

    Here's how I burn bin/cue files with Nero.

    1. Start Nero

    2. Cancel out of the New Compilation screen

    3. Go to Recorder>Burn Image

    4. Select the ".cue" file of the bin/cue disk image

    5. Select the slowest burning speed (recommended for the heavily compressed format)

    6. Click "Burn"

    7. Wait until it's done

    No need to mount (in fact I'm suspicious of mounting to burn because then, the file is actually "in use" and shouldn't work anyway...but that's just a theory; I've never tried that).

    Otherwise, a bin/cue file set is *designed* for burning as is.

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