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Is it possible to have a baby with only one kidney?

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    It is possible, however, the demands of the baby will increase the workload on what is apparently your only kidney. You should see a certified obstetrician for advice and all of your prenatal care, which is all available at low cost through many parenting centers if money is an issue.

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    You or the baby with only one kidney?

    Actually don't bother as the answer to both is YES

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    1 decade ago have only one kidney or the baby having one kidney?


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    It is possible and makes it harder on that kidney = bacause your blood volume about doubles and the kidney filters all of it- so you can have one kidney - is just works harder- ask your md-D

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    the baby is too small for it to be felt prop yet, and if anything you should only be having butterfly movements. you prob have a urine infection. drink lots of fluid and go to the doctor tomorrow with a urine speci, good luck. and no th baby cant kick your kidney

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    Yes, your kidney has very little to do with making and maintaining a pregnancy.

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    yes, because you dont need a kidney to concieve! you do to survive though. you need atleast one healthy ovary and egg, oh and sperm hahaha

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    yes but it will be giving some problems to u so plz consult doc

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