What late 90's r&b duet talks about the guy catching his girl cheating on him?

we think the guy has a deep raspy voice. they're like going back and forth as he's walking up the stairs. we think he calls her a B**** and at some point in the song it gets like intense. we're trying to figure out the song name but if you know the guy or girls name that would help! we think it might be mr.biggs but really dont know atall.. we're just going insane here and would LOVE an answer so we can go to bed!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    R Kelly and Ron Isley (Mr. Biggs) did a few songs like that, where they go back and forth.

    You might be talking about "keep it on the down low" - R Kelly feat Ron Isley. This song has a couple of parts I believe.

    They do it on a Kelly Price song as well.

    "Friend of Mine" - Kelly Price feat. Ronald Isley and R. Kelly.

    Also, they did it on a Ron Isley song.

    "Contagious" -Ron Isley feat. R. Kelly & Chante Moore

    Hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    RKelly, Mr Biggs, and Chante Moore Keep it on the downlow

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