Guys! Translate this guy message into girl launguge!!?

My Crush emailed me this message. I'm having a hard time figure out what his true feelings are towards me. He emailed me this message after I told him that I'm only his friend nothing more. What is he saying in Guy Language? Does he still like me?

There won't be any awkwardness from my end when you come visit. I just thought that a couple of the messages seemed like we were more than friends, b/c afriend wouldn't tell me not to hook up w/any girls, ya know? I'm looking forward to seeing u and meeting your friends when u come out. My buddies from the East Coast will be there too, and its one of my friends 21st b-day, so its sure to be a great time. No hard feelings on my end, just had a bad day when u sent that message, so i went off. i'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

See ya soon!

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    He's a little bummed that you're not interested in him because he thought that you liked him more, ESPECIALLY since you previously said you did not want him to hook up with other girls. He thinks you'll still have fun when you vist because you are bringing your friends and he'll bring his friends. And he's sorry about what he said the last time he wrote you or talked to you. That's it.

    He's not going to like you as much as before.

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    First you have a crush on him, or he has a crush on you?

    well He is trying to act nonchalant about over expressing some feelings for you.

    He Questions and acknowleges your motives for telling him not to hook up, sounds like he sees that as you trying to save him for you.

    He is willing to continue with what sounds like meeting you and your friends, he will also have friends, looks like they plan on drinking.

    Be safe, if you don't know this guy from Adam, have never met in person. Have a code word with your friends that signals that you are uncomfortable with your surroundings and want help to get out. Don't get drunk with strangers. Rape happens.

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    There is basically no longer any awkwardness from my end once you come pass to. (Yeah there'll). I basically theory that a pair of the messages looked like we've been extra suitable than pals, b/c afriend does no longer tell me to no longer hook up w/any females, ya know? (i presumed you needed me single, considering which you needed me) i'm finding forward to seeing u and assembly your persons while u pop out. (Yeah, I nonetheless want you) My friends from the East Coast would be there too, and its certainly one of my pals twenty first b-day, so its constructive to be a large time. (Alcohol? Inebriation = diminished inhibitions, count quantity it!) No tricky thoughts on my end, basically had a foul day while u sent that message, so i went off. i'm sorry if I harm your thoughts. (I care approximately your thoughts, because of the fact I care lots approximately you {see, adult adult males care})

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    any guy who can say i'm sorry is worth getting to know even as just friends.

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    ye he likes you still dont worry.

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