Living in India?

I'll probably intern 3 and a half months in india, i dont know which city. How's it to be living in India.. Can you help people? What are the things that i will overcome there and see and learn and to get ready for? Things to keep in mind and else.. I'll appreciate if you answer..


I'll intern in the IT sector..

Update 2:

I'm coming from Turkey.. I don't where i'm gonna go by now, i'm going there for my internship by aiesec..

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    Can you be a bit more specific? What exactly you want to know.

    The main things you should get used to are:

    The hot weather and mosquitoes (anywhere in India that's not at least 5000 ft above sea level)

    The relative lack of convenience foods (which can be a good thing, it forces you to eat healthier)

    The crowds and noise

    Some advice:

    If you travel, never take a bus. Fly or go by train.

    Avoid driving - a U.S license doesn't prepare you for Indian driving

    Be prepared for bureaucracy and paperwork everywhere. Paradoxically, also be prepared for inefficiency and lack of punctuality.

    Be friendly and mingle with the locals and they will be very friendly to you. Do not be standoffish or seek out other 'white' people to hang out with. That's the one thing Indian people hate. If you work there, the least you can do is talk to them and associate with them like you would here.

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    India is a Vast Country with Mind-Boggling Diversities . Even many Indians are not fully aware of what all is there in our country. Your 3 and a Half Month stay in India depends a lot on where are you going to stay . Most probably you would be in an Urban Area and Living won't be a problem . It would be better if you do not drive on Roads yourself as Driving on Indian Roads is quite tough . Summers might eb a bit Harsh if you are coming for a cold country . Avoid Crime -Prone areas late in night . India is no more unsafe than many countries in the World . Also , beware of Three wheeler Auto Drivers . They have a tendency to overcharge .

    Best of luck for your stay in India and if you are coming to Noida or New Delhi , do mail me at . I may be of some help .

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    Living in India is like living in heaven

    You can get any information about India from net

    Living in India is easy

    people are cooperative

    You will really feel good here

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    I don't know from where you are. Please visit the following link for more details.

    I hope you will get all the details that you are looking for.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): I am from India.
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  • 1 decade ago

    good luck..

    that is my dream...

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