Is it OK to date my bosses daughter?

Her dad only became my boss a few weeks ago, and he doesn't know that we are dating. His daughter works at the same company I do. Last night was an almost awkward situation, I was in a room and she came in, we hugged and kissed and her dad came in (didn't catch us) and introduced us to each other. I feel a bit guilty because this man treats me like I'm his son, but he would kill me if he know the things his daughter and I were doing.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is ok to date the bosses daughter, just not his wife!

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    1 decade ago

    how in the hell did that happen? it should have never been a secret from the beginning, you make it sound like some kind of back street afair and that what you two are doing is dirty....i think your girl friend is afraid of her dad,or she is afraid that you won't stand up to papa,s standards, hey, dad don't need to know you to are doing the wild thing....this Q has a lot of holes in it.....need more info.....if you two are under age i get what your saying, you better be carefull sonnyLOL just kidding. and if its just a $7.00 an hour job at the tasty freeze rest your mind,that jobs likes girl friends, theres one on every cornner, the balls in your park. just kiddin again, but thinkin about your problem, and do mean to help, but you must be very young to be worried about something like this....if not, some one needs to grow up...good luck

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    well you did mention that you know thats he would kill you so i mean that just what love forces you to do RISK YOUR DANG LIFE but anyways i mean it would sorta be ok if you both are old enough n once he starts to think of the possibility of your banging his daughter ooohhh then comes the heat but yea letting him know would be a good if not the best idea i mean as long as you can afford to put your job on the line... oh and it might just turn out good if in her dads eyes you guys start talking on the phone/ going out to the movies with other friends so that he doesn't suspect much now and then he'll get used to the idea of her talking about you (comfortably) and of you guys going out & later on you let him know how much respect you have for him and it is in that, that you wish for him to know that your heart wouldn't allow the relationship you have with his daughter to stay at 'FRIENDS' and that resulted in you guys dating. GOOD LUCK WITH DEM DADS NOW & IN THE FUTURE(you're gonna need it)

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    Yea, it's okay, but you guys have to tell him quick! If you don't, someone else will. No dad wants to think about what his daughter is "doing" with other guys. Don't worry about that. Let him know that you think she is special and he'll probably be glad she is dating YOU and not someone else. But like any relationship at work, be careful. If you guys break up, the fall out could be disastrous.

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  • 3 years ago

    there is the slimmest possibility that he somewhat enjoyed you alot. consistent with danger even that he loves you. consistent with danger he's in basic terms afraid that in case you formally announce which you're a pair and it is going undesirable, then the boss could retaliate via giving him an particularly no longer uncomplicated time at paintings. yet that would not make alot of expertise being that the two one in each of you have slept mutually and he's treating you like his sleazy ho. So if it have been me, i could end the friendship and the intercourse a minimum of till he replaced into single lower back. If he grew to grow to be single lower back, i could make it very sparkling that till he needs us to be an decent couple, then he can bypass to H E double hockey sticks. whether he says, "sure darling, you're so suited, i choose for you and easily you...." i could make him show it. i could carry off on the actual relationship for a on an identical time as. it may style of be a punishment for you the two, yet on the comparable time it may provide you an possibility to work out his intentions with out intercourse getting interior the way. Then if he somewhat does have uncomplicated intentions and you have waited a on an identical time as...think of in basic terms how warm the intercourse would be after the two one in each of you have waited for a on an identical time as...

  • G A
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    1 decade ago

    I see nothing wrong with it BUT you do need to be real careful here. If something falls out between you and her dad or between her and her dad or, heaven forbid, between you and her, one of you is going to find yourself in a very difficult situation which would likely best be avoided.

    I hope it works out for you. Just be very careful.

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  • djk
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    1 decade ago

    What matters more to you...your career or your relationship? Regardless at this point, your career is in jeopardy regardless of what comes of the relationship. You should have been honest from the start, but hind sight is 20/20.

  • 1 decade ago

    lol! well that sucks. you should just tell him you & his daughter were going out b4 he introduced you 2 her & you would hate for it to ruin your career but you love her...he can take it well or terribke,but the sooner he finds out the sure he wouldnt want 2 find u 2 kissing or sumthin.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just Tell Him. Get it over with. Unless you dont plan to be with her long.

  • CSA_NP
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    1 decade ago

    Good luck with that.

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