am 7 months pregnant and my sick is in a bad state i have breakouts,black heads,flaky skin ive tried to use al

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    see a doctor

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    Try the following:

    Noxema all over your face. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water.

    Use St Ives Apricot srub. Concentrate on the nose area. You have breakouts, use the sensitive one. Also try Neutrogena's scrub for sensitive skin.

    After rinsing off with warm water not hot, put noxema on again for a few seconds rinse and when all the noxema is gone, splash your face with cold water as you can stand it. you are pregnant so whatever makes you feel comfortable do it. Don't use cold water if you know you can't take it. Final use witch hazel and cotton balls as an astrigent. close pores, clean up any residue. watch how clean and refresh your face will look and feel.

    This might help.

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    yeah, I'm 5mnths and going through the same thing but milder. Just go to a doctor, and get them to give you some locoid cream,its a steroid cream. use that on the flaky bits. next go to the new world supermarket and buy some clean&clear face wash and morning burst moisturiser. Trust me you will feel much better after you do it once. oh and a tip, dont put the moisturiser on your flaky skin cos it hurts.

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    Eat a health diet, drink plenty of good water= fruits and vegetables- take a little olive oil and fish oil capsules-and tell your md the problem-D

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    dont worry,consult your doctor,happy christmas

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